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Marking solutions

Marking solutions offer high performance in demanding production environments, general applications as well as very specific applications where individual products need to be identified and not only. Consumables used by industrial printers are designed to print on all types of substrates from standard applications to specific applications (quality in the food industry, sterilization, UV, egg coding, etc.). Applications on plastics, glass, metal, cardboard or directly on products, food, beverages, cosmetics, electronic equipment, cables, tubes or profiles.

Marking solutions simplify, customize and optimize the marking process.

Entry level applications

Industrial printers are designed to bring you the necessary innovation and simplicity, and the Markem-Imaje 9018 is easy to use and optimizes operator time and production. The simple design of Markem Imaje printers makes these printers print in the toughest environments.

Models: 9018


  • Plastics, glass, metal, cardboard or directly on food


  • Up to 3 printing lines
  • Print speed up to 3 m / s
  • Jet Speed ​​Control – guarantees the quality of the bookmark
  • Automatic font selection, depending on print speed and print head or object distance

Aplicatii entry level

Imprimantele industriale sunt proiectate pentru a va aduce inovatia si simplitatea necesara, iar modelul Markem-Imaje 9018 este usor de utilizat si optimizeaza timpul operatorilor si totodata productia. Designul simplu al imprimantelor Markem Imaje, face ca aceste imprimante sa printeze in cele mai dure medii.
Modele: 9018


  • Materiale plastice, sticla, metal, carton sau direct pe produsele alimentare

Puncte forte:

  • Pana la 3 linii de imprimare
  • Viteza de imprimare de pana la 3 m / s
  • Jet Speed Control- garanteaza calitatea marcajului
  • Selectarea automata a fonturilor, in functie de viteza de imprimare si de capul de imprimare sau distanta obiectului

Usual applications

Description industrial printing:
The systems in this category are fully programmable and cost-effective for marking on collective boxes (collective packaging). Provides the possibility to mark expiration dates, logos, alphanumeric text, 1D and 2D barcodes on a wide range of surfaces (paper, cardboard, laminated paper, plastic film, etc.) without contact with the marked surface, both on straight surfaces, and irregular surfaces.

Models 9028, 9405, 9410, 9029


  • In difficult working environments in the food and beverage industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutics, etc


  • Very high print speed
  • Standard or reversed, bi-directional printing: from left to right or vice versa
  • Possibility of printing on different areas: top, side, side opposite, and down

High capabilities applications

Solutions for high capabilities are designed for bookmarks on packaging, such as bottles, pipes, cables, tubes and profiles. It’s the combination of a premium ink circuit and the new generation printhead design that ensures the quality of the markings even on dark substrates with an optimized TCO.
Models: 9450, 9450E, 9450S


  • Markings on packaging, bottles, cables, tubes and profiles, etc
  • Industries: food, beverages, cables, telecommunications, etc


  • Enhanced productivity with print speeds of up to 6.6 m / s
  • Up to 3000 km of printed cable without cleaning the print head
  • Reduced TCO, saving on ink up to 20% without compromising contrast
  • 20% faster, up to 1,000 m / min for cable applications and fiber optics
  • Precision in use with built-in measuring function, tolerance 2 mm

Aplicatii hight capabilietes

Solutii proiectate pentru marcaje pe ambalaje, cum  sunt sticlele, tevile, cablurile, tuburile si profilurile. Sunt combinatia  dintre un circuit de cerneala premium si design-ul capului de imprimare de noua generatie, care asigura calitatea marcajelor chiar si pe substraturi intunecate, cu un TCO optimizat.
Modele: 9450, 9450E, 9450S


  • Marcaje pe ambalaje, sticle, cabluri, tuburi si profile,etc
  • Industriile: alimentara, bauturi, cabluri, telecomunicatii, etc

Puncte forte:

  • Productivitate imbunatatita, viteza de imprimare de pana la 6,6 m / s
  • Pana la 3000  km de cablu imprimat fara curatarea capului de imprimare
  • TCO redus,  economie la cerneala pana la 20% fara a compromite contrastul
  • Cu 20% mai rapide, pana la 1.000 m / min pentru aplicatii pe cabluri si fibra optica
  • Precizie in utilizare cu functia de masurare incorporate, toleranta de 2 mm

Special applications

Description industrial printer:
Solutions for special applications print all kinds of codes, including logos, Datamatrix, etc. and use a wide range of inks that meet the requirements of every industry.
Modele: 9040, 9040 S si 9040 S IP65Models: 9040, 9040 S and 9040 S IP65


  • Best marking solutions used in automotive, aerospace, cable, food, etc


  • Print up to 8 lines
  • High-speed multi-line printing up to 5.5 m / s
  • Jet Speed ​​Control technology ensures print quality
  • The unique head cleaning system ensures trouble-free start-up
  • Easy replacement of supplies without stopping marking operations
  • Easy and fast installation
  • The wide range of options make integration possible on most production lines
  • Designed to meet the most demanding requirements
  • Standard Ethernet connectivity

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