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marcare laser pet

Exploring Beverage Industry Trends and Coding Solutions

In today’s dynamic beverage industry landscape, the importance of product packaging and coding cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a large-scale producer or a smaller player, navigating through market saturation, regulatory compliance, and consumer safety concerns remains a top priority.When it comes to selecting the right coding technology, factors like operational costs, production speed, printing complexity, and sustainability considerations come into play. Our partner of almost 20 years, Markem-Imaje understands these challenges and offers through Imark Sistem tailored solutions to address [...]

demo lifturi electrice

Test the ergonomic handling of heavy loads (up to 130kg) in your factory with the Hovmand electric lift!

Demonstrations at your headquarters with the Hovmand M130 electric lift! We invite you to discover ERGONOMIC HANDLING in action! We organize practical demonstrations right at your company headquarters, using the Hovmand Impact M 130 electric lift for ergonomically handling loads of up to 130kg! This revolutionary lift offers you the opportunity to test the easy, efficient, and ergonomic handling of a wide range of products, including: • Boxes • Crates/Containers/Euro-boxes • Film rolls • BagsFEWER OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES! Ease the handling activities of operators! Comply with occupational [...]

marcare laser

LASER CODING SOLUTIONS: Right on the mark.

Laser coding is right on the mark for high-quality, fast, ink-free, permanent marking and coding. Best-in-class laser performance is standard across our range, with solutions for many applications: food, confectionery, dairy, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, industrial and electronicsCO2 laser technology is suitable for film, laminates, PET bottles, inked paper, glass and painted metal caps. With a variety of lens options including those for printing multiple packages at one time in wide web/multilane applications. Fiber laser technology is suitable for bare metal and rigid plastics [...]

imprimanta cij circuit hibrid

The 9750 PLUS CIJ Printer from Markem-Imaje

Designed to give you the highest flexibility and inventory and installed base management through its revolutionary hybrid ink circuit capable of managing all CIJ inks. Material type: Corrugate | Copper Wires | Copper Cables | Containers | Cheese | Cardboard Boxes | Caps | Cans | Candies | Cakes | Cables | Bulbs | Bottles | Belts | Aluminium Foil Lids Industries Extrusion | Electrical | Automotive | Aerospace | Confectionery | Dairy | Snack Food | Pet Food | Cosmetics | Beverage | [...]

infoliatoare paleti

10 reasons to choose a semi-automatic or automatic pallet wrapping machine

10 REASONS to replace the manual packaging of pallets with a semi-automatic or automatic wrapping solution1. Constant and uniform application of the film An operator who packs pallets manually cannot ensure constant tension throughout the packaging, again and again. A pallet wrapped by an operator on Monday morning will in no way be the same as a pallet wrapped by another operator on Friday afternoon. Wrapping the pallets with a machine eliminates this problem. 2. Professional packaging Wrapping a pallet with a [...]

cerneluri CIJ

Right consumable. Right outcome. From Markem-Imaje

Markem Imaje Ink products: Right consumable. Right outcome. Ensure business continuity, control costs, and maximize sustainability For decades, Markem-Imaje has developed over 500 consumable solutions to answer your evolving needs and expectations. Genuine Markem-Imaje ink products and consumables also protect uptime by minimizing maintenance and changeovers compared with third-party supplies.CIJ inks The Markem-Imaje CIJ ink range includes but is not limited to:Food-grade inks which comply with EEC requirements. Thermochromic inks that change color indicating temperature change. Washable inks for returnable bottles. MEK-free* options. Water-based and alcohol-based [...]

SmartLase C600 marking laser

Powerful laser printing right where you need it!

Introducing the latest innovation: the SmartLase® C600 BOU (Beam Orientation Unit) from Markem-Imaje No need to adjust your packaging line for a printer anymore. The SmartLase® C600 BOU solution is specially designed to seamlessly integrate into even the most challenging spaces.Count on the same superior quality and durable codes you’ve come to expect from Markem-Imaje laser printers. The SmartLase® C600 60-watt CO2 laser coder is ideal for marking PET bottles, glass, labels, flexible films, inked paper/cartons, and coated metals. With the [...]

codificare vinuri

The new EU strict new labelling regulations for WINES: how can you comply with them?

The European Union has implemented stringent labeling regulations for wines, and complying with these regulations poses a challenge for wine manufacturers. In recent years, the EU has made significant efforts to enhance the availability and accessibility of product sources and ingredient information for all food and beverage items. However, wines and aromatized wines have been exempted from comprehensive ingredient labeling requirements, being only obligated to disclose allergens and energy value due to the unique characteristics of the product. As the [...]

The 9750E CIJ Printer for Extruded Products

The Markem Imaje 9750 E Series CIJ printers have been engineered to bring you all the specific features you need for extruded product coding on wires, cables, pipes, etc. They deliver long-lasting, fast-drying, and nonmigrating standard dye marking or pigmented contrast printing in all conditions and on all materials, even PE − all while supporting your cost, sustainability, and Industry 4.0 objectives. Material type: Power Cables Electric Wires Copper Wires Copper Cables Industries Extrusion Technology: Continuous Inkjet Speed: High | Mediumhttps://imarke.ro/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/9750E-1.mp4 For extruded product coding on wires, cables, pipes, [...]

infoliatoare paleti

Secure palletized products with pallet wrapping equipment from Atlanta Stretch!

Why choose wrapping equipment from Atlanta Stretch? Echipamentele de infoliat paleti in folie stretch (folie extensibila) contribuie la securizarea si protejarea rapida si eficienta a produselor paletizate, pentru a fi expediate ulterior in conditii de maxima siguranta. Prin utilizarea unui sistem de infoliat paleti in folie stretch, puteti reduce in mod considerabil perioada de timp necesara pregatirii marfurilor pentru expediere, sporind numarul de comenzi procesate in decursul unei zile si, prin urmare, cresteti productivitatea. De aceea, in procesul decizional legat de alegerea echipamentelor, fie ele automate sau semiautomate, eficienta proceselor este garantata doar [...]

manipulare recipiente grele

What is the purpose of drum lifter, drum tilters, and drum tippers?

Workers still have to perform a lot of heavy lifting on a daily basis at industrial companies. Drums are conveniently picked up, tilted, rotated, and transported using a specialized lifting apparatus. This drum-moving machinery not only shields workers from harm physically but also improves workflow efficiency. THE SMART WAY TO HANDLE AND TRANSPORT HEAVY DRUMS IS WITH ELECTRIC DRUM LIFTERS from HOVMAND Businesses and industries that manufacture foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals must store a wide variety of barrels that [...]

Cantarire prin inventariere

Inventory Weighing Solutions

Perfect for any kind of business, warehouse, retail space, or hardware store. You can optimize your company’s manufacturing processes, save time, and cut planning expenses by knowing exactly what you have on hand. Dini Argeo provides weighing solutions to streamline inventory processes that would otherwise be performed manually by operators, from small parts to bulky and heavy products. Our systems’ limitless connectivity makes it easy to exchange the measured data with the business’s IT system and maintain track of the [...]

CIJ 9750 Markem-Imaje

Discover the New Inkjet Printer 9750 from Markem-Imaje

Designed for medium to heavy-duty production lines, 9750 simplifies ease of use, contributes to sustainability and enhances convenience through digitalization.Material type Tube Laminates | Tetrapak Bricks | Stick Packs | Seal Wrappers | Seal Bags | Pipes | Pouches | Metal Industrial Parts | Medicines | Machined Metal Parts | Latex Products | Jars | Hoses | High Barrier Films | Formed Metals Parts | Electrical Devices | Electric Wires | Eggs | Decorative Labels | Customized Packages | Corrugate | [...]

detectoare metale carne tocata

CEIA Metal Detectors Systems for Pipeline

The CEIA integrated systems are specially designed for metal contaminant detection in products transported by pipeline especially meat, soup, marmalade, dairy (cheese), preserves… The carefully selected materials used in construction do not interact with food products, and thus do not modify or alter their composition. The design of these systems incorporates a fast reject valve drive response time to detect and reject the contaminant without slowing down the product flow. The construction guarantees quick, easy cleaning of the components that are [...]

ambalare smipack

Packaging – Automatic wrap-around case packer with in-line infeed

The WPS series of automatic wrap-around case packer are suitable for packing a wide range of products in trays, open cases, closed cases, shelf-ready or display and for meeting the highest production standards and quality regulations.https://imarke.ro/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/linkedin-video-Flux-LinkedIn-03-11-2022-12-57-14.mp4 Its compact design reduces the need for large spaces for installation and the extensive use of high-tech components enables to reach high production in a short time. The WPS case packers allow working with three different types of cardboard: micro corrugated, corrugated and kraft, [...]

etichetare print apply markem imaje

2200 Series Print&Apply from Markem-Imaje

The 2200 Series from Markem-Imaje provides a flexible range of print and apply labeling solutions, from simple case labeling to high-speed front-of-pack or multi-side labeling.Material type: Cardboard Boxes | Plastic Films | Corrugate Industries: Confectionery | Personal Care | Pet Food | Dairy | Pharmaceuticals | Cosmetics | Food | BeverageEfficient and reliable GS1-compliant solutions for all case and pack labeling requirements.  Your challenges You are looking for a high-speed labeler that will improve product traceability and inventory control through reliable, consistent [...]

Wipotec Show Truck 2022

Wipotec Show Truck in Romania between September 26 – October 2, 2022

Book your place in advance at the traveling exhibition Wipotec Show Truck 2022 with a simple email to office@imarke.ro. Wipotec Show Truck: a modern truck full of innovative quality inspection solutions and a team ready to present them and offer you live demos right in your factory. The traveling exhibition will showcase the latest products in flow weighing solutions and X-ray inspection technology. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to discuss solutions for your applications with our specialists and experts on the [...]

dozare si capuire bere

Beer bottling: state-of-the-art technology for production efficiency

The beverage sector has a growing need for solutions that allow optimizing productivity while maintaining high-quality standards. Monoblocs are definitely among the automatic equipment that guarantees precision and performance. DOSING AND CAPPING SOLUTIONS FOR BEER We present to you the automatic monobloc equipment for cylindrical bottles of 750 and 500 ml, for filling beer “without foam”. The installation is calibrated to easily allow hourly production without the need for operator intervention, with the exception of loading the product and the containers.       The [...]

etichetare salam

Perfect labeling for salami and any cylindrical product

In our range of labeling equipment, you can certainly find a labeling solution for applying to all types of products, boxes or pallets.  For the meat industry, when applying labels to salami or sausages (or any product with a cylindrical shape, even irregular or with a hard-to-stick surface), we offer solutions adapted to the desired application and productivity, both table solutions and semi-automatic systems.Follow an application that allows the labeling of salami packed in synthetic or natural casing. The label [...]

imprimante marcare markem

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Coding for Your Products

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Coding for Your Products   A wide range of industries require product coding to allow their safe use, from validity data to information on charging voltage. For new or smaller companies, it can be a challenge to implement coding successfully and know what mistakes to avoid. To help you, we’ve put together some tips on how to choose the right printer to code your products reliably and cost-effectively.   1. IDENTIFY THE HIDDEN COSTS Consider the total [...]

Etichete color produse cutii

Color Labels for Your Products and Boxes? No MOQ required? Yes, now it is possible with Epson ColorWorks

Do your need to create your own durable, on-demand, cost-effective colour labels in excellent print quality for marking your products and shipments? Then look no further than Epson ColorWorks colour label printers!Save time and money by printing only the labels you need, when you need them. MAXIMISE EFFICIENCY. MINIMISE EFFORT. ACHIEVE PRODUCTIVITY. With Epson ColorWork Labelling Solutions. Increase Flexibility — immediately address any printing errors in house Reduce Total Costs — less inventory on hand frees storage space & omits the need for large label [...]

baxare smipack

Shrink wrapping? Choose the versatility of BP equipment from Smipack.

The BP series of semi-automatic and automatic monobloc equipment from Smipack with the sealing bar stands out for its versatility. Depending on the model, BP series of shrink wrappers from Smipack are suitable for the packaging in foil or in trays + foil of a very large range of products from different market sectors. Equipped with a 90 ° or in-line power supply, multi-push system, and state-of-the-art technology, this equipment are perfectly and easily integrated into the packaging lines with heat-shrinkable [...]

Don’t miss the June’s offer – marking parts solutions using dot peen technology

Don’t miss the June’s offer – marking parts solutions using dot peen technology Dot peen engraving machines work by electromechanically striking a carbide or diamond stylus assembly against the surface of a part to be marked. The result is a succession of dots to create digits, text, logos, and 2D data matrix codes.    What makes SIC Marking‘s dot peen marking systems so unique is the constant and precise control of the impact consistency of the stylus on the marking surface. ADVANTAGES OF THEESE EQUIPMENT:Cost effective Requires no consumables High speed [...]

cap application and closure

Each cap has his capping equipment!

“The cap is a device used to close a container.” Although the description is simple and short, there is a whole world behind this object. This is true, because the cap plays a secondary part in the mind of a consumer and yet it is one of the main participants in all packaging phases; just think of oenology where the cork can identify a specific wine and even determine its characteristics, or in the cosmetic sector it can enhance the [...]

nou marcare laser markem imaje

Reliable. Compact. Intelligent. The new SmartLase F250 from Markem-Imaje.

Power in a small package. The compact SmartLase F250 delivers high-quality, chemical-free, permanent coding as it lowers your operating expenses.Material type Seal Wrappers | Seal Bags | Power Cables | Pouches | Plastic Films | Pipes | Metalized Labels | Metal Industrial Parts | Machined Metal Parts | Formed Metals Parts | Electrical Devices | Copper Wires | Copper Cables | Cans | Cables | Belts | Aluminium Foil Lids Industries Soft Drinks | Snack Food | Pharmaceuticals | Pet Food | [...]

pakaging bakery industry

Bakery Packaging Solutions with IMA Ilapak

With more than 15 years of experience in the bakery industry, Ilapak has developed flexible, reliable, and innovative packaging machines that are proven to perform in bakery applications, particularly where modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a requirement. All Ilapak’s packaging machines are designed and manufactured with clients’ needs in mind. Main Packaging Applications for Ilapak Equipment: Bread: baguettes, pretzels, rolls, sandwich thins, whole loaves, sliced bread (in stand-up & edge presentations), buns; Cakes (baked); Donuts (large and mini); Flatbread (piadina, naan, and [...]

Enjoy the TTO marking experience! Only with the SmartDate X45 printer from Markem-Imaje!

Enjoy the TTO marking experience! Only with the SmartDate X45 printer from Markem-Imaje! Designed for high quality marking applications on flexible packaging, the SmartDate X45 printer from Markem-Imaje can easily mark the production / expiration date, batch number, barcodes etc on up to 220 packages per minute, at a resolution of 300 dpi. High performance markings!Can mark products in marketing campaigns – the promotional coding function allows the marking of unique codes on each product Eliminates the wrong codes, thus protecting the [...]

Your allies in successfully achieving the strongest quality control standards – Wipotec, Ceia

Your allies in successful achieving the strongest quality control standards – Wipotec, Ceia Satisfying even the strictest quality control standards, Ceia metal detectors adapt to ignore interferences from the environment, and their speed of response exceeds user expectations. The weight verifiers (checkweighers), which we propose, quickly weight the products in movement, having, in the same time, a high accuracy, according to the requirements of the European regulations, even at high productivity. X ray inspection / detection solutions for particles of various sizes and [...]

Discover horizontal and vertical packaging solutions! The perfect choice for your business! – IMA Ilapak

Discover vertical and horizontal packaging solutions! The perfect choice for your business! – IMA Ilapak Each flow pack equipment is available in different configurations, with a wide range of additional optional modules, for the packaging of both food and non-food products. They can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each packaging application and to offer maximum flexibility and production efficiency at different levels of productivity: from entry-level equipment to high-speed automatic lines. Vertical packaging equipment VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal) have the higher accuracy [...]

manipulare role hovmand

Elevate production and logistic efficiency with a roll lifter from Hovmand!

Depending on the positioning on the pallet, an electric reel lifter enables you to move long or particularly heavy reels into either vertical or horizontal positions during the packaging process. The Manual Reel Manipulator, MRP2 from Hovmand makes manual handling of reels up to 100 kilo a straight forward task. Pick directly from the pallet or floor and load into the machine.What sets apart the lifts from Hovmand from other solutions is their outstanding product flexibility and speed. Thanks to [...]

Wipotec cheese product inspection

Cheese product inspection – Wipotec webinar

How do you make sure your cheese packaging contains only what you want? Do you still add more of your product in each pack to avoid being below the stated weight? Are you sufficiently protecting your brand from recalls caused by contamination? Our partner Wipotec OCS is here to answer any questions you may have!Thanks to modern weighing and inspection technology, incorrect filling and foreign objects are no longer a real threat to manufacturers and consumers. And what about the packaging [...]

Now you can buy with 10% DISCOUNT the E-MARK DOT PEEN marking equipment from SIC MARKING!

TAKE ADVANTAGES NOW OF THE 10% DISCOUNT ON THE PURCHASE OF THE E-MARK DOT PEEN MARKING EQUIPMENT! THE PROMOTION IS VALID WITHIN THE LIMIT OF AVAILABLE STOCK, FOR ORDERS PLACED UNTIL DECEMBER 31th 2021! The portable DOT PEEN marking equipment, E-Mark from Sic Marking, allows the realization on surfaces as diverse as possible, of a variety of types of markings, starting from numeric characters, to Datamatrix codes, but also logos, depending on needs.Lightweight and versatile, this fully autonomous marking gun is [...]


Optimizing the production and packaging of solid pharmaceuticals

WIPOTEC-OCS is hosting a webinar dedicated to the pharma industry. WIPOTEC-OCS is your innovative, dependable partner for high performance, process and customer-orientated weighing and inspection solutions. As a 100% subsidiary of Wipotec, one of the world’s leading businesses for dynamic weighing technology and product control with 30 years of experience on the market, WIPOTEC-OCS stands for outstanding manufacturing quality “Made in Germany”, the highest flexibility and profound sector competence. In this Webcast, we will give a detailed insight into solutions for [...]

Are you looking for a cuttingedge solution for processing oval containers and making high-quality packs in shrink film?

Are you looking for a cuttingedge solution for processing oval containers and making high-quality packs in shrink film? Then Smipack packers from the BP series are exactly what suits your needs… as they are equipped with an U-shaped head push-in device, so that product doesn’t rotate in the pack formation process Watch the machine in operation and click here to find out all advantages of this flexible solution:The new series of monoblock semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrappers with sealing bar BP are extremely versatile: they can pack various products, such as glass and PET [...]

Secure palletized products with Atlanta Stretch pallet wrapping equipment

Why to choose Atlanta Stretch wrapping equipment?The equipment for wrapping pallets in stretch foil (extensible foil) contributes to the fast and efficient security and protection of the palletized products, in order to be shipped later in conditions of maximum safety. By using a stretch film pallet wrapping system, you can considerably reduce the time required to prepare the goods for shipment, increasing the number of orders processed during a day and, therefore, increase productivity. Therefore, in the decision-making process [...]

X-ray inspection and detection systems and their applications in the food industry

What is the role of the X-ray inspection systems (detectors) in detecting contaminants in food?Each manufacturer is responsible for the quality of its products, for any contamination that may occur in the production process. The concept of HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) involves clear control of all the ways in which contaminants could enter the product and thus not affect the end consumer. It thus becomes a mandatory condition for the successful obtaining of standards in the [...]


Metal detectors protect your consumer and your brand!

Why are METAL DETECTORS used in the food industry?Consumer and brand protection are the main reasons why metal detectors are used in the food industry. In addition, certain food industry standards, such as IFS, require a well-established process for detecting contaminants. Metal detectors will provide effective protection against metal contaminants and therefore compliance with the standard.IFS Food, the international standard for food quality and safety, allows the evaluation of food quality and safety management systems in a unified approach. IFS [...]


The diversity of needs in the beverage industry is an important reason for innovating and providing our customers with efficient packaging solutions!Therefore, the wide range of packaging solutions from Smipack, can meet all the needs of industrial processes, starting with the formation of packages in cardboard trays + packaging in heat-shrinkable foil (shrink foil), which allow obtaining very resistant packages, protecting in properly the products during transport and distribution.The use of cardboard trays for packaging the product offers additional [...]

The lightest and most compact portable on the market!

SIC MARKING launches two new portable dot peen marking equipment, E-touch and E-touch XL.EASY TO USE: touch screen, which can be used with or without gloves  ULTRA PORTABLE: lightweight plastic body COMPACT: embedded controller MODULAR: easily interchangeable magnetic front plates provide a wide range of applications.These new equipment are a real innovation, thanks to their touch screen design, lightweight plastic body, and a built-in controller. Through this launch, SIC Marking consolidates its leading position in the field of permanent marking, [...]

inspection and detection


Product quality must be a priority in all production processes.Delivery of defective products could lead to devastating consequences. Returns or complaints are extremely expensive and affect your brand. To avoid such repercussions, X-ray contaminant detection solutions will provide you with quality assurance. Supplemented by intelligent software and optional optical inspection, it covers an extremely wide range of applications.X-rays can penetrate materials that do not allow visible light to pass through. This means greater safety and quality for your production, as [...]

Safer packaging of fruits and vegetables with flowpack solutions!

Measures to limit direct contact with products for sale in stores determine manufacturers to find solutions for packaging as safe as possible for consumers.View our flowpack packaging solution for fruits or vegetables, which protects the products and complies with safety requirements, preventing direct contact (without affecting the visibility of the packaged product). Flowpack packaging solutions for the confectionery and bakery industry, the meat and dairy industry, frozen products, pharmaceuticals, etcWatch the video:https://imarke.ro/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/ambalare-fructe-legume.mp4

The New Inkjet Printer 9330 from Markem Imaje

The New Inkjet Printer 9330 manages to support the activity of companies from the first production lines and adapts as the degree of development of production increases.Establishment or development are significant moments in a company. Regardless of whether there are changes related to the type of products, or those related to the type of packaging, although they seem logistically difficult, they can be solved quickly and safely with the right equipment.              The main challenge we encountered was to find an [...]

vendetta of the champions

Imark Sistem endorse the Vendetta of the champions in Skandenberg: Viorel Dobrin vs. Engin Terzi!

The fame of Viorel Dobrin, an athlete with an impressive record in the field of Skandenberg, made him the Vendetta choice of one of the greatest Skanderbeg fighters of all time, Engin Terzi. In the last 8 years, in the different confrontations he had with the athletes from the world top of the Skanderbeg, Viorel was distinguished by the strength and tenacity with which he fought every time and the spectacular results he had.Imark Sistem supports Viorel Dobrin at [...]

automation robots meat

Complete solutions for AUTOMATION and ROBOTIZATION of production lines

Complete solutions for AUTOMATION and ROBOTIZATION of production lines As complex trends in any field of activity, industrial automation and robotization of production lines have the effect of significantly increasing both the efficiency and productivity of factories. Moreover, the Covid pandemic played a role in increasing the openness to automation solutions, by imposing numerous restrictions on physical distance, as little contact as possible with products, safety of production and employees in general, by the need for rapid adaptability to applications [...]

ambalare multipack

Simplify your industrial processes with our cardboard multipack packaging solutions!

The current context has generated in a very short time a radical transformation related to the way people buy and consume, whether we are talking about services or products. The pandemic involved a series of considerable changes in terms of procurement criteria, quality becoming the main factor, followed by the quantity of products purchased because it tries, as much as possible, to avoid crowded places and enclosed spaces. The volume of purchases has increased, and there is a change in [...]

Choose the reliability of the new overheaded weighing systems, in order to streamline the processes in the food industry!

Quick assembly, compact dimensions and easy to clean thanks to their stainless steel structures, suspended rail-mounted weighing systems are perfect to fully meet the hygiene standards of the food industry.                                   TWL Series                                                                      [...]

marking on cases and pallets markem imaje

Right code on the right case! Efficiently code cases and pallets!

Quality marking solutions from Markem Imaje! Printing solutions for cases must have dual functions: companies that pack their products in cases want codes that allow traceability and branding opportunities, while their customers require product information and barcoding for easy identification. Corrugated cases can be printed with GS1-128 codes, which are encoded with detailed information about the journey of the product, ensuring advanced traceability of cases throughout the entire supply chain. Imark Sistem, together with one of the world’s leader marking partner, [...]

thermochromic ink sterilization

Higher safety standards for packaged food with the new thermochromic ink from Markem Imaje!

The new thermochromic ink from marking leader Markem Imaje, that changes colour at high temperatures, now offers food manufacturers a more reliable coding method, with a more obvious color change, to indicate correct sterilization of packaged food products. The ink changes from black to blue when the food package reaches the correct sterilization temperature of between 115 and 125 °C. Manufacturers are looking for a highly reliable coding method that can help improve product safety while also fitting with the [...]

multipack ambalare cu banda adeziva

Multipack: sustainable packaging for improved shelf visibility!

Are you looking for an alternative to plastic rings or shrink wrap in the packaging process? Is the sustainability of packaging a concern for your company? Do you want improved products visibility on the shelf? Your multipack does not have to be just a packaging need for your product: it is an opportunity to distinguish your brand on the shelf and to attract the buyer’s attention in a short time. The power and potential of multipacks are evident today more [...]

Smart Meat processing solutions

Smart Meat processing solutions The Romanian meat processing industry is the living expression of a unique way of life and long cultural traditions. The assortment range includes products obtained from a large variety of meat types: pork, beef, poultry, sheep… and not only, which respect the tastes of Romanians and contribute to maintaining the national specificity. As a mature and sustainable sector, the meat processing industry is able to cope without problems with increasingly drastic food safety requirements and increasingly [...]


BENEFIT FROM THE MOST EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS OF CONTAINER HANDLING, NOW AT LAUNCH PRICES!Visualize applications with this system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NsNRP4CZi4Visualize applications with this system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NsNRP4CZi4Visualize applications with this system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SscPAQnf7_U CONTACT US: https://imarke.ro/contact/


THE BENEFITS OF THERMOCONTRACTION PACKAGING – Sealing and heat shrinkage are performed in a single operation – Product plate and foil roller holder adjustable according to the package size – Lid with electromagnetic retention and automatic opening – Solid and reliable relays that simplify equipment maintenance – Reduced energy consumption – Compliance with EC rulesCONTACT US!

markem imaje innovation days

Invitation to Innovation Days, web seminars by Markem Imaje, marking solutions leader

Innovation Days Markem Imaje Invitation Our partner, Markem-Imaje, thrives on constant innovation of marking and labeling portfolio in order to offer the best possible solutions for our clients coding tasks and challenges. Imark Sistem is therefore happy to invite you to Markem Imaje Innovation Days webinar series which will run from October to December 2020 and cover a wide range of topics, from product innovations in continuous inkjet and thermal transfer to end-of-line solutions, from beverage can coding technologies to process optimization via software and [...]


Obtain the IFS FOOD STANDARD with PROFESSIONAL METAL DETECTION EQUIPMENT from CEIA The IFS Food standard is internationally recognized and refers to the quality and safety of food. It is based on the general aspects of a food safety management system. The existence of this standard has as its main role that of generating trust in products and processes. Compliance with the specific requirements of IFS Food can be ensured with the help of professional metal detection or X-ray equipment. CEIA [...]

Skandenberg Club “Armbender” from Poiana Lacului – for the third time the Romanian champions!

Skandenberg Club “Armbender” from Poiana Lacului – for the third time the Romanian champions! Pitesti hosted a few days ago the National Championship of Skandenberg-Armwrestling and Para-Skandenberg-Armwrestling 2020. The event, organized by the Romanian Skandenberg Association “Brat de Fier” and Skandenberg Sports Club “Armbender” Poiana Lacului took place at the Summer Garden and enjoyed the presence of over 200 athletes from across the country. The club we support, “Armbender”, from Poiana Lacului became, for the third time in a row, the [...]

carnexpo grill imark sistem

Unusual and innovative at Carnexpo Grill: collaborative robots from Imark Sistem!

IMARK SISTEM participates this year in the CARNEXPO GRILL event at Theodora Golf Club Alba Iulia as a gold partner with a unique solution: collaborative robots. From the vast portfolio of automation solutions that the company has been implementing for 15 years on the Romanian market (marking and labelling, packaging, weighing, inspection and detection, transport, software, UVC light solutions for decontamination of products, spaces and air, consumables and parts IMARK SYSTEM has chosen to present an innovative solution that can [...]

Good news for Romanian sports!

Good news for Romanian sports! This year also we are proud to announce the active involvement of Imark Sistem in the promotion of Romanian sports, by sponsoring the skandenberg club from Poiana Lacului, thus maintaining the competitive spirit at the highest level. We trust this team for which many hours of physical training and intense training are a pleasure and we look forward to their return home victorious from the National Championship of Skandenberg – Armwrestling and Para – Skandenberg [...]

COMPLETE SOLUTIONS to ensure a long-lasting freshness of the meat

COMPLETE SOLUTIONS to ensure a long-lasting freshness of the meat With high quality materials and components, internationally certified for the food industry, the packaging equipment we offer to the Romanian market incorporates state-of-the-art technology, based on innovation and the desire to offer each customer the best solution for its specific packaging application. In addition, the rounded shapes and sloping surfaces that these equipment have, allow easy and very fast cleaning and disinfection, things stipulated in the legislative norms in force [...]

Efficient UV-Decontamination for the food industry

UV-C disinfection systems are used successfully around the world and are recognized as one of the most effective forms of disinfection available.UV disinfection solutions for food industry are effective in reducing contamination with mold or bacteria in food production and storage facilities, improving product quality and extending shelf life. UV-C disinfection systems can reduce the proportion of microorganisms by up to 99.99% +. The benefits of equipment for the food industry: – The shelf life of the product increases: the products keep [...]

Print and Apply solutions provided by Markem Imaje

Label printing and application systems are used to identify pallets in increasingly automated environments. Exceptional print quality and precise application result in excellent barcode reading across all distribution channels. This in turn improves inventory control and logistics flow. The 2200 label printing and applying equipment from MARKEM IMAJE is based on a concept that offers reliability, efficiency and easy, with a utility of up to 24/7, even in demanding environments. The equipment takes the labels and applies them on pallets, [...]

markem imaje marking

Laser marking from Markem Images for beverage industry

The beverage industry is in a continuous search for efficient coding and marking solutions to obtain a quick return on the allocated investments. Codes on beverage containers are often considered problematic, but in fact, they are significant components that provide the ability to monitor products. In the decision process regarding the type of marking equipment suitable for your production line, several factors are taken into account:adaptability to high production speeds line automation (or lack thereof) location for equipment (and consumables) material (cardboard, PET, [...]

Dedicated solutions for applying handles and making bundles with adhesive tape

The use of adhesive tapes is an efficient solution for situations where is necessary to group and transport the products safely, ensuring the packages are closed due to the modular capacity of the adhesive tape, being easy to handle and apply, strong and versatile. APPLICATION OF ADHESIVE HANDLES. Adhesive handles are designed for all types of packaging: glass, cans, boxes, bags, with the main purpose of facilitating the transport of products grouped in collective or individual packaging. So, we offer an adhesive way for a band of scales, a double or [...]

Efficient labeling solutions

Label dispensers and label applicators represents economical and fast alternatives in terms of manual detachment and application of labels in different shapes and materials, on various supports (flat, cylindrical, glass or retail products). Printing stations, longitudinal cutting of label strips or label counting, are equipments that have robust and efficient forms, requiring minimal maintenance, but which facilities labeling works, thus providing the necessary LABELING SOLUTIONS processes implemented in your company. LABEL DISPENSER. Are a quick and easy way to dispense [...]

marcare markem imaje

Markem-Imaje solutions are created for impeccable marking applications, at any speed and in difficult production environments

Markem-Imaje solutions are created for impeccable marking applications, at any speed and in difficult production environments For a constantly moving industry, such as food industry, in which quality markings, robustness, compliance with legal norms are basic requirements, we propose a very wide range of industrial marking equipment, fully adaptable to the most diverse applications that can appear. From fresh meat to fruit, to sausages and beverages, from dehydrated foods or dairy products, to biscuits or chocolate, Markem-Imaje’s marking equipment is [...]

Packing bottles with cardboard sleeves

If you have a company which produces wines or strong drinks, you will know the following aspect: packaging is an excellent means of promotion, through which transmiss the each quality and values of the product, in a unique way and permanently, directly to the minds of consumers. A beautiful packaging will attract the consumer’s attention and will be able to influence a purchasing decision, and if it will have an original, innovative and practical design, which communicate the advantages of [...]


The design of reliable solutions for the field of industrial packaging is an important aspect for the entire processing process, especially when using a wide range of adhesives, meant to guarantee the best available technology for the implemented processes. We offer industrial adhesives for packaging, used on surfaces such as:boxes sacks and bags traysIndustrial adhesives for packaging are able to meet the needs of consumers due to their level of performance, being suitable for direct contact with food, without the risk of [...]

High-performance equipment of closing preformed bags with clips or by twisting

The situation generated by the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic has produced major changes both economically and in terms of the lifestyle of each person. Out of the desire to protect themselves, both themselves and those around them, people have become more attentive to the things around them, things that they have to touch every day, to transport and through contact with them could trigger the transmission of the virus. So, daily activities, such as shopping, require a much [...]


PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS OF FORMING AND SEALING OF “AMERICAN BOXES”Automatic GEM52 box sealing equipment The GEM52 automatic box sealing equipment allows all the necessary adjustments for a certain box size to be made manually before use. Therefore, this equipment is ideal in situations where it is necessary to seal the same size of boxes in large series. It is the ideal equipment to seal different sizes of boxes with adhesive tape, with an average productivity of 1000 / 1h, but [...]


COMPLETE CHECKWEIGHING AND METAL or NON-METAL FRAGMENT DETECTION SOLUTIONS Every producer or seller of food has the responsibility for food safety, very complex thing, which encompasses many aspects. We help you ensure the quality of the food you produce, both in terms of the absence of foreign bodies and in terms of their weight, so as to obtain maximum customer satisfaction, with minimal losses. Wipotec OCS is an innovative, reliable partner for high-performance, customer-oriented weighing and inspection solutions, one of the [...]


PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS OF PACKAGING USING SHRINKWRAPPERS The SL 45/55 equipment from Smipack is created to perform the grouping and manual packaging, in heat-shrinkable foil, of different types of products. They are part of the ENTRY LEVEL range and have relatively average productivity. CHARACTERISTICS: – Power supply: 220-240V / 1 PH – N – PE / 50 / 60Hz – Installed power SL 45/55: 1650W / 3700W – SL 45/55 sealing bar: 440 x 300mm / 560 x 430mm – Maximum package height SL 45/55: 210mm [...]


LOADING / UNLOADING SOLUTIONS – INDUSTRIAL RAMPS Mobile ramps are special equipment that helps and facilitates loading and unloading. The modern hydraulic devices with which they are equipped allow them to achieve maximum lifting without extra effort and time. At the beginning of the loading / unloading procedure, the mobile ramps are fixed to the truck with the help of chains. For extra safety, they are also equipped with brakes. Stationary ramps do not have a horizontal surface and are formed [...]


SMART PALLET CHANGE SOLUTIONS The pallet changing equipment we propose allows the replacement of plastic, aluminum or other materials with disposable wooden pallets, used in industrial production environments. Also, with the help of such equipment, you can replace damaged pallets that could interfere with automatic production lines with intact pallets. Moreover, the use of this equipment can help you replace products with damaged packaging placed on the bottom of the pallets before they are shipped. The range of pallet changing equipment [...]

manipulare role amblare


INTELLIGENT ROLL HANDLING SOLUTIONS In various industries, packaging materials come in the form of rolls with heavy weights. Operators must both lift and transport these rolls from one location to another, as well as load them into packaging machines. In industrial areas, speed, quality and cost pressure are the major challenges that are always present. Delivery speed, quality standards and the constant pressure to succeed faster than the competition, mean that there is always a large daily volume of physical [...]

cutite industriale masini ambalat

Packaging knives and wear parts for consumer goods industry

The food industry needs a wide variety of long life knives for packaging machines. Improve productivity with long life knife applications and wear parts. We offer you a wide range of packaging knives and wear parts for packaging machines in food industry, beverage, cosmetic, personal health &pharma, dairy industry, coffee, closure, caps and plastic extrusion etc. Food approved steels Specialized surface coatings that can further enhance your cutting applications High quality manufacturing techniques with reinforced attention to details As well as knives, a wide variety [...]

markem imaje marking

Join Markem Imaje Virtual Expo!

Participate in the virtual exhibition organized by one of the leaders in the marking field, MARKEM IMAJE (Imark Sistem partner for 15 years) As you know, during this period that we are going through, the pandemic has postponed many of the technology fairs where we met with you and will inform you about the latest news in the field. But at the same time we understood the power of communication and the need for information, so together with our partners we [...]

fever detector with infrared-rays

Protected we can win!

Informational technologies have played an essential role in China’s response to the new COVID-19 outbreak, including proactive surveillance for rapid detection. Fever is the most common symptom of COVID-19 infection and high-performance infrared thermal imaging allows rapid measurement of body temperature of pedestrian groups and crowded individuals. High-performance infrared thermal cameras have been installed both in public places, at the entrances of major railway stations and airports in China, as well as in private companies, as surveillance systems for [...]

ormation and closing systems of the “american boxes

Do you want to increase productivity?

Do you want to increase productivity? No problem for the systems of forming and closing cardboard boxes with adhesive tape! The use of the formation and closing systems of the “american boxes” (boxes with flaps) has the effect of increasing the productivity and the level of automation. Even if they are semi-automatic or automatic, they can be integrated seamlessly into existing packaging lines, even in small spaces. The first stage in the production process is the formation of boxes. These are [...]


CHOOSE THE SUITABLE CONSUMABLES FOR OPTIMUM RESULTSRight consumables offer optimum results, in addition, prolong the life of the printers, minimizing the costs of maintaining or renewing equipment. It will not only ensure the investment, the product, and the brand but also improve productivity and optimize the TCO – the total cost of use.OUR CONSUMABLES Include ink, ribbons, and labels in various sizes and materials, which are specially designed to maximize the life of the print head and to optimize printer [...]

Skandenberg competition

A new Skandenberg competition concluded with a real success at the British Championship, UK 2020 WE SUPPORT THE COMPETITION AND THE COMPETITIVE YOUTH!Congratulations Viorel Dobrin and Alin NedelescuAt the UK Iron Arm 2020 British Championship, Dobrin Viorel and Alin Nedelescu had a very successful participation, becoming champions in both arms in their categories (90 kg respectively 70 kg). The two participate in the sports club of Skandenberg Armbender Poiana Lacului and are supported by Imark Sistem.

We Launched no. 6/2018 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus!

We Launched no. 6/2019 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus! With the latest information in the industrial field, presentations and launches of equipment, our company’s newspaper, iFocus, has already reached number 6. In its pages you will find equipment incorporating last-minute technology, produced by well-known companies in their field of activity: Atlanta Stretch, Markem Imaje, PMR, Reepack or Piab / Vaculex. We propose to the Romanian market an extremely varied range of equipment, created for pallet wrapping, industrial marking, dosing, closing [...]

ceia detectoare metale

7 reasons to use CEIA multispectrum metal detectors

7 reasons to use CEIA multispectrum metal detectors 1. Equipped with “multispectrum” technology to compensate the influences generated by the product and packaging 2. It offers stability and repeatability, regardless the variations in the composition of the product 3. The best level of detection of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel 4. Allows you to make settings and save up to 500 products 5. Very high detection speed 6. High immunity to environmental interference 7. Allow storing up to [...]

Imark Sistem presented the evolution of technologies in the food industry in the exhibition INDAGRA FOOD & CARNEXPO

INDAGRA FOOD & CARNEXPO 2019 the most important international fair dedicated to the food industry took place this year between 30 October – 3 November During the five days of the event, the Imark Sistem team presented automated and robotic solutions provided by world leaders in the field, such as marking and labeling solutions, packaging solutions, inspection and detection systems, vision systems, software and traceability and others solutions dedicated to the food industry. Visitors were able to see and testing equipment [...]


Laser marking solutions Markem Imaje SLC series are suitable for small, medium and high speed marking applications in difficult production environments. They offer permanent markings with impeccable contrast. The SLC Series can be provided in the right configuration for every industry, and is always a good solution, regardless of productivity, size of messages and substrate (they have a wide range of lenses, frequencies and powers). Markem Imaje re-invents CO2 laser technology for your industry’s marking needs > Fast: More than 100,000 products [...]

Superlative packaging! Discover the new range of clipping equipment from Comiz!

Closing bags with food never been so easier! Even if you want a secure clipping of bags with whole or sliced bread, biscuits, spices, or any type of food or industrial product, or you want to realize a secure traceability of packaged products, this can be done with great ease with the clipping equipment from Comiz. Whether manual, semi-automatic or automated, Comiz’s clipping equipment is entirely made of stainless steel, meeting the special requirements of the food industry. They seal [...]

We Launched no. 5/2019 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus!

Created to bring you in the foreground both the latest information in the industrial field, as well as presentations of the latest generation equipment that we propose to the Romanian market, our company’s newspaper, iFocus, has already reached the fifth edition. In this issue you will discover new and innovative equipment, dedicated to the field of industrial marking, video inspection, industrial clipping or meat processing, but not only. So, no matter what field you activate, we invite you to [...]

Take advantage of the new promotion!

In the desire to be as close as possible to each of our customers and to offer them exactly the solution they need, we are announcing the expansion of our product portfolio with new equipment ranges. Thus, we offer to the Romanian market industrial membrane fillers, mincers or industrial mixers for meat. The range of industrial membrane fillers is one of the most complex, including equipment with different capacities and powers. With hydraulic drive and made of stainless steel, [...]

Check the code, readability and precision with CoLOS Mark & ​​Read

Managing Real-Time Marking Issues – Vision Systems and “Mark & Read” software allow manufacturers to adjust the level of code verification to best suit the needs and budget of the application. Stop losses, inefficiency and non-compliance Between producing and selling your products, there are many important issues, besides ensuring that information is correctly marked every time, we need precision and efficiency in printing and coding so you can focus on producing high-quality products. The CoLOS® information management system from Markem Imaje comes [...]

We support competition and competitive youngsters!

The town on the Borcea’s shore hosted between 22nd and 24th of March the 2019 edition of the Skandenberg National Championship, in the Polivalenta Hall, Ion C. Neagu, in the city. Several hundred participants from all over the country were present at Calarasi for this competition, which took place on the following categories: sex, age or arm. The winners of this championship can represent Romania in future European and world championships. The sportsmen of the Club Armbender Poiana Lacului, coached by [...]

The Imark System team participated in AUTOMOTIVE LOGISTICS SUMMIT, the event dedicated to logistics in the automotive industry, held in Sibiu on March 7-8

At the event AUTOMOTIVE LOGISTICS SUMMIT, , organized by Intermodal & Logistic magazine, was attended by OEM leaders in the supply chain, component manufacturers, logistics service providers who shared the experiences, know-how and accumulated knowledge about innovation in automotive industry logistics, with all its meanings and substrates, simple or complex. Innovative case studies, practices, technologies and logistics solutions, free discussions and exchange of ideas about current trends that influence the automotive supply chain as well as about factors that foster [...]

iFocus nr4

We Launched no. 4/2018 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus!

We Launched no. 4/2018 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus! Already on number 4, our company’s newspaper, iFocus, presents you the latest industry news. Product launches, innovative technologies, avant-garde ideas, are just some of the things you can find in the pages of the newspaper iFocus. In large format and with a very good printing quality, in our newspaper you will find articles with friendly expressions, available for anyone. Therefore, no matter the industry in which you activate, we invite you [...]

Marcare pe sticla

Marking and Coding with White Ink, on Glass Packaging

In a constantly moving world, even packaging must meet the traceability and consumer information conditions mentioned in the current regulations. Therefore, together with the design, marking and coding of the packaging is a matter of great importance. Marking of glass packaging can be done in optimal conditions with inkjet printers. The types of marking they can make are: expiration date, serial number / batch number, different character types (text), logo, barcodes, 2D (QR, DataMatrix etc) or graphics. Manufacturers of the [...]

PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 1
PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 2
PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 3
PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 4
PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 5
PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 6
PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 7
PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 8
PackExpo Articol 2 - poza 9

PackExpo 2018 – the Exhibition that Brought a Complete Offer of Solutions and Services in the Packaging Industry!

Participating at PackExpo was a real success for us, customers and potential customers who visited us discovering and coming into contact with our team of professionals and the equipment exhibited for the first time. The May 2018 edition helped us to grow and be more and more known on the food and beverage industry, but not only, industries that have strongly developed and where we manage to deliver solutions and services to streamline complex production processes. 31% of PackExpo exhibitors were [...]

Conferinta Industria carnii la raft Articol 3 - poza

Imark Sistem was Present at the Conference “Meat Industry at the Shelf”

Between 25th and 27th of April 2018, the conference “Meat Industry at the Shelf” was held, one of the most important events dedicated to the meat industry and the retail area in the food industry in Romania. Major companies in the meat industry, manufacturers and representatives in retail and HoReCa took part in the event, including: Kralex, Cris-Tim, Agricola, Kosarom, CIA Aboliv, Smithfield Romania, La Provincia, Global Pig, MeatBox, City Grill Group, Nielsen, Europlast, Meat Technic Service, Metro Cash [...]

Sustinem performanta si tinerii talentati Articol 4 - poza 1
Sustinem performanta si tinerii talentati Articol 4 - poza 2
Sustinem performanta si tinerii talentati Articol 4 - poza 3
Sustinem performanta si tinerii talentati Articol 4 - poza 4

We Support Performance and Talented Young People!

The Skandenberg National Championship, the 2018 edition, took place between 30th of March and 1st of April and it was hosted by the University of Law in Bucharest. Skandenberg enthusiasts’ competition was divided into weight, gender, age or arm categories. Sportsmen qualified to this competition can participate and represent Romania at European and World championships. The year 2018 is the year of successful competitions for Viorel Dobrin and the young men he trains. This time also, they made performance in [...]

iFocus nr3

We Launched no. 3/2018 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus!

We Launched no. 3/2018 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus! Dedicated in particular to the technological solutions applicable in any industry, the issue number 3/2018 of our company’s newspaper, iFocus, presents you exclusively new and innovative equipment on the Romanian market: clipping equipment, along with the whole range of consumables required, strapping machines, vision cameras, laser marking equipment, industrial lifts and scales and more. Therefore, no matter the industry in which you activate, we invite you to read the new number [...]

iFocus nr2

We Launched no. 2/2017 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus!

We Launched no. 2/2017 of our Company’s Newspaper, iFocus! Dedicated to the most popular technological solutions we offer to the Romanian market, as well as to the news in the industrial field, the number 2 of our publication, the iFocus newspaper, will announce the expansion of our equipment portfolio. We hereby announce that we are the sole distributor of Reepack brand equipment, packaging equipment for the food industry (vacuum chambers, tray sealers that use existing or thermoformed trays and flow [...]

iFocus nr1

The First Number of Our Newspaper, iFocus, Appeared!

The First Number of Our Newspaper, iFocus, Appeared! In the desire to be as close as possible to each of our clients, we are happy to announce that we have launched our publication, the publication that represents us, iFocus. In this newspaper we aim to present the most impacting news related to the latest technologies, the new equipment we offer to the Romanian market or the latest innovations in the industrial field. And not only. Created to inform people from [...]

markem imaje marcare

Complete, Flexible, Robust and Simple! – The new SmartLase C140 / C340 Laser System from Markem-Imaje

Complete, Flexible, Robust and Simple! – The new SmartLase C140 / C340 Laser System from Markem-Imajee Complete and flexible The SmartLase C140 / C340 Laser System from Markem-Imaje that we propose to the Romanian market is the perfect solution for quality marking of different types of products. With complete equipment – smoke extractor, power converter and sensor – the system is ready for marking at any time. Thanks to the adjustable stand, mounted on wheels, with which it is also equipped, [...]

Un final de luna la inaltime Articol 6 - poza 1
Un final de luna la inaltime Articol 6 - poza 2
Un final de luna la inaltime Articol 6 - poza 3
Un final de luna la inaltime Articol 6 - poza 4
Un final de luna la inaltime Articol 6 - poza 5
Un final de luna la inaltime Articol 6 - poza 6

A Great End of Month! – Imark Sistem Successfully Participated in Indagra Food – Carnexpo 2017!

Between 25th and 29th of October 2017, we participated in the largest food fair in South Eastern Europe, Indagra Food – Carnexpo, which took place in the complex Romexpo, central hall. During the five days of the exhibition, our booth has been the meeting place of some of the leading manufacturers, processors and suppliers in the food industry. During the event, we presented and tested the latest generation food equipment such as: tray sealers, metal inspection and detection systems, systems [...]

Hovmand Articol 7 - poza

Choose the Intelligent Industrial Handling Solution! – Hovmand Lifters

Hovmand lifters are lifting and moving equipment for various types of products in any industrial unit: boxes, barrels, rolls etc. Because they work with batteries, they are absolutely independent, while, in the same time, providing the freedom of movement, so necessary in the industrial field. In addition, Hovmand lifters optimize workflow, eliminating inadequate lifting and handling of different products. All equipment has overload protection and all moving parts are protected. The wide range of Hovmand lifters makes them suitable for [...]

Parteneriat Reepack Articol 8 - poza

Freshness Takes Many Shapes, but with the New Reepack Packaging Equipment, You’ll Make Sure it Lasts Longer!

In the desire to be as close as possible to the customer and to provide him exactly the equipment he needs, we are happy to announce the expansion of our product portfolio. So, starting with this summer, we are the sole distributor of the Reepack brand of food packaging equipment for almost any kind of aliments. Totally manufactured in Italy, using high quality raw materials, international certificated for food, the packaging equipment that we propose includes latest technology, based on [...]

PackExpo 2016 Articol 9 - poza 1
PackExpo 2016 Articol 9 - poza 2
PackExpo 2016 Articol 9 - poza 3
PackExpo 2016 Articol 9 - poza 4
PackExpo 2016 Articol 9 - poza 5
PackExpo 2016 Articol 9 - poza 6
PackExpo 2016 Articol 9 - poza 7

Show, Innovation and Success at PackExpo 2016!

At the end of the month, between 27th and 30th of September 2016, we participated at PackExpo, the international exhibition for packaging industry and packaging solutions that took place in the complex Romexpo, the central pavilion. Participating in PackExpo 2016 was an opportunity for us to remain present in the specialized market, to improve our relationships with existing customers and to develop new relationships with potential customers. At PackExpo 2016, we introduced a wide range of innovative, state-of-the-art equipment in [...]

AllPack 2015 Articol 10 - poza 1
AllPack 2015 Articol 10 - poza 2
AllPack 2015 Articol 10 - poza 3
AllPack 2015 Articol 10 - poza 4
AllPack 2015 Articol 10 - poza 5
AllPack 2015 Articol 10 - poza 6

Imark Sistem and All Pack – a Successful Collaboration this Year Too!

Between 28th of October and 1st of November 2015, we participated in the All Pack exhibition, which took place in Romexpo complex, the C3 pavilion. During the 5 days, the visitors, specialists in the field, could contact a large number of companies present at this event. During this year’s edition, we presented a wide range of new and innovative equipment, which closely follows the new trends, both in the field of marking and in metal detection, packaging, weighing, dosing, labeling [...]