Colaborarea cu partenerii potriviti este cheia succesului!

Odata cu tendinta de crestere a numarului de solutii tehnice dedicate diferitelor tipuri de industrii, proiectele de astazi devin din ce in ce in ce mai complexe. In acest mediu, aflat intr-o continua schimbare si evolutie, colaborarea cu partenerii potriviti este cheia succesului. Increderea in parteneriate solide este, de asemenea, mai importanta decat oricand.

Prin intermediul partenerilor nostri, companii de notorietate la nivel global si provideri de tehnologie de varf, cu toate competentele si cunostintele necesare, va oferim acces la solutii profesionale din industrie. Putem sustine dezvoltarea proiectului dumneavoastra de la inceput si pana la predarea finala. In plus, odata ce proiectul este complet, veti beneficia atat de mentenanta, cat si de suport profesionist.

Collaboration with the right partners is the key to success!

With the increasing trend in the number of technical solutions dedicated to different types of industries, today’s projects are becoming more and more complex. In this environment, constantly changing and evolving, working with the right partners is the key to success. Trusting in solid partnerships is also more important than ever.

Through our partners, global well-known companies and top technology providers with all the necessary skills and knowledge, we offer you access to professional solutions in the industry. We can support your project development from start to finish. In addition, once the project is complete, you will benefit of both maintenance and professional support.

Markem - Imaje

Founded in 1982 in Bourg-les-Valence, France, Imaje is the world leader in providing marking and coding solutions for the industry. Imaje merged with the American company Markem, the world leader in industrial labeling and marking systems for production flows. Now, Markem-Imaje has more than 1,730 employees worldwide, more than 32 representatives and more than 60 distributors, being present in more than 120 countries. Customers’ requirements are supported by 3 research and development centers, 5 manufacturing factories and 6 equipment repair centers located around the globe. In the partnership with Markem-Imaje, we have developed marking solutions for our clients in the most diverse fields of activity: food industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceuticals industry, cables industry, laminates, electrical and electronic industry etc.


Thanks to the experience gained in more than 30 years of activity, Atis Srl is recognized worldwide for the creation and production of high-quality pneumatic industrial manipulators that comply with the technical safety standards. Innovative and precise, Atis manipulators make moves very close to natural ones, allowing users to choose the most appropriate movement for their specific application, operation which is completely safe. The use of Atis manipulators results in easy handling of weights, increasing productivity and avoiding damage to products.

Atlanta Stretch

Atlanta Stretch Spa is specialized in the production of automatic and semi-automatic wrapping pallets equipment. The experience in the field of over thirty years has enabled Atlanta Stretch to produce a full range of stretch film packaging equipment from the MYTHO-A rotary platform model, the REVOLUTION rotary arm model, to the rotating ring model OMEGA. The equipment are robust and efficient, able to meet the needs of every industry and are manufactured to help protect your products on pallets.


CEIA is a company specialized in creation and production of metal detecting equipment and electromagnetic inspection. The unique technical solutions proposed by CEIA allow the production of powerful and small equipment that are extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption and reliability. CEIA’s equipment accurately detects metallic contaminants that can be accidentally present in industrial products, being immune to interference with their packaging. Everything is done at high speeds and according to the strictest quality control standards.

Dini Argeo

Dini Argeo is a company specialized in the production of weighing systems that offer solutions in various fields, from mobile weighing systems to weighing scales for commercial or industrial use. They include a wide range of electronic components, solutions and software for industrial automation and integration systems. Dini Argeo has over 100 years of experience in the field of weighing, dosing, delivering state of the art equipment that guarantee the highest levels of precision and maintaining standards.


Specialized in the production of high-quality industrial lifters, Hovmand boasts with over 45 years of experience in the field. The equipment works with batteries (to give the user absolute freedom of movement) and are made of aluminum or stainless steel, thus covering the strict requirements applicable in the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry. With the help of these lifters, companies optimize their production flows, realizing more efficient processes and reducing staff loading degree. Reliable and with minimalist design, the lifters we propose will improve your productivity, no matter the field of your activity.



WIPOTEC-OCS is your innovative, dependable partner for high performance, process and customer-orientated weighing and inspection solutions. As a 100% subsidiary of Wipotec, one of the world’s leading businesses for dynamic weighing technology and product control with 30 years of experience on the market, WIPOTEC-OCS stands for outstanding manufacturing quality “Made in Germany”, the highest flexibility and profound sector competence.


For more than 80 years, Markal has been the world’s leading manufacturer of markers for industrial marking. The company produces high-performance industrial markers, created to be used in a wide variety of industries: automotive, ship building, welding, metal working, construction, wood processing and not only. The company’s portfolio includes a wide variety of products: industrial markers with solid, liquid, permanent or temporary paint, for marking a wide range of surface types, as well as engraving equipment or temperature indicators.


Messersi is one of the most important players on the packaging market, producing PP, PET and Green Tech strip, along with a full range of automatic and semiautomatic equipment for: stripping, wrapping, wrapping with shrink film, but also complete lines for packaging. The company operates in more than 60 countries, delivering turnkey solutions for the packaging industry, reliable and innovative equipment that incorporates state-of-the-art technology and thus become a reference in its industry.


Superior Manufacturing Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial mats. Founded in 1948, as a small family business, today, the company operates globally, offering high-quality products to the market, for use in a wide range of industries: industry, commerce, food, household etc. Notrax industrial mats are innovative products, made of high quality materials that meet specific durability, comfort and safety criteria.


Reepack is a company that activates since 1997 in the production of a wide range of packaging machines, from manual, semiautomatic to fully automatic. Reepack equipment are able to meet customers’ needs for different packaging applications in the food industry with innovative solutions due to both the variety of technologies used and the revolutionary design. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Reepack produces an extensive range of vacuum packaging equipment, tray sealing equipment (using preformed or thermoformed trays) or flow pack equipment.

Sanovo Staalkat

Staalkat offers a wide range of egg sorting systems that fully satisfy even the most stringent regulations in the industry. In the egg processing industry, Sanovo has earned the reputation of a high-quality and high-performance producer, offering reliable solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology. The solutions we propose cover a full range of machines and equipment for sorting and processing eggs and have been created to facilitate work in the production halls, while, at the same time, having a high degree of flexibility and great efficiency. The Sanovo Staalkat sorting and packaging equipment are made of stainless steel and are tailored to the needs of farms that want to have their own sorting and packaging unit.


Founded in 1997, Smipack SpA is a subsidiary of the company specialized in the manufacture and commercialization of: manual, semi-automatic or automatic shrink wrapping equipment, sealing bars, sealing tunnels etc. Smipack equipment are suitable for packaging specific to several market segments: food (bakery, pastry, pizza, fruit and vegetables etc), non-food products (electronic, mechanical, IT, detergents, perfumes, pharmaceutical products etc) and not only. Continuous investment in research and development, components reliability, flexibility and technical support are key factors that characterize Smipack equipment.

Soco System

Soco System is an international group of companies based in Denmark with operations throughout Europe and worldwide. Soco System was founded in 1961, starting from a concept that made it one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of packaging machines and handling, packaging and transport equipment. The group has representatives in the United Kingdom, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the United States and Hungary, as well as agents and distributors in most of the world.

Viking Masek

Viking Masek has over 40 years of activity and experience in the packaging industry and over 160 highly qualified employees. It is an integral part of the most important group of companies in the Czech Republic. Viking Masek’s solutions portfolio includes both equipment for packaging in bags (dosing, forming, filling and sealing bags) or in cardboard boxes, as well as complex packaging lines, customized, that can be produced in accordance with customers’ specifications. The variety of types of bags that can be made with these equipment is, basically, almost infinite: sticks, sachets, doypack, flat bottom, brick pack, zip, finger grip etc.


As a pioneer in its field of business, the Zebra Company was founded in 1969 and has over 4200 patents, 115 representatives in 50 countries and partners in 100 countries. The company proposes to the Romanian market quality products from the Auto ID field – printers for barcodes, mobile computers, image capture or localization equipment or data platforms. The products meet very well the specific requirements of a wide variety of fields of activity: retail, health, transport, logistics, production etc.


COMARME is one of the largest manufacturers of automatic or semi-automatic box sealing solutions. Comarme equipments are perfect for closing different sized boxes with adhesive tape, the perfect association between a competitive price, with a very good performance and efficiency. They use an automatic UNIFORM type box closing system.

Sic Marking

Sic Marking has 20 years experience and is an international leader in permanent marking and full traceability solutions in industrial areas. Our partner design solutions using dot peen, scribing and laser technologies for a wide range of materials, such as steel, alloys, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and plastics.