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Auto ID Solutions

Auto-ID solutions are an important component of any traceability solution.

The category includes various types of wireless, stationary, or portable scanners/readers, with linear, 2D, RFID readability, mobile computers with serial or wireless data capture functions, running on Windows Mobile, Linux or Palm OS and others; presentation scanners for retail; interactive kiosks and displays.

Barcode scanners

Portable scanning solutions are specifically designed for automated data capture and process automation applications across the entire value chain for customers in the retail, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and healthcare industries. Portable scanners offer benefits for every industry:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Accuracy, performance, and speed with a quick and easy implementation
  • Delivers outstanding performance and reliability through a variety of scanning options: laser, linear, or image-based technologies
  • the standard, robust or antimicrobial housing allows them to be used in any environment
  • Their ergonomic design makes these scanners easy to use for long periods of time.


  • retail (food, fashion etc)
  • patient management in clinics and hospitals
  • inventory and inventory management
  • traceability of parts by reading DPM (Direct Part Marking) codes, etc.

Presentation Scanners

Presentation scanners. For one-location workflows in retail, hospitality, or transportation environments that require a high volume of scans, including scans from mobile phones, operations are simply faster and easier if both hands are free. to handle items.


  • faster point-of-sale trading time and superior customer scanning experiences such as digital loyalty and self-checkout programs
  • various applications: identity verification, ticket processing, access control and deactivation of EAS tags at the same time as barcode decoding; the ability to capture and store digital images of printed documents, coupons, personal checks and even damaged packages.
  • flexible mounting options for easy installation
  • Retail scanner with/without scales that scan items in multiple planes, without the need to position the barcode to the reader.

Mobile Computers

We offer a wide range of mobile computers to cover all your needs:

  • mobile devices: small, lightweight devices that offer industry-leading, high-performance, and durable features and functionality. Applications: in-store merchandising, inventory management, takeover, receipt and order, parts tracking, quality control and safety inspection, etc.
  • tablets: robust, high-performance tablets for field workers.
  • portable devices: portable computers designed to keep employees’ hands-free during the scanning process
  • vehicle-mounted computers
  • mobile computers for the medical system: to maximize productivity in clinics and increase the efficiency of data capture.

Applications in: retail, DSD (direct to store delivery) and retail warehouse; warehouses and distribution centers; transport and logistics; postal deliveries/courier; field activities; fleet management; public activities (police, transport, etc.)

Interactive Kiosks

Touch-screen interactive self-service displays to simplify orders, increase sales and thus improve operations. Relieved from taking orders, staff can thus focus on serving customers and is also protected from prolonged contact with physical money.

Interactive displays to increase customer satisfaction and quick access to information: check prices, stocks, colors, etc.

Complete RFID Solutions

With RFID solutions you will automatically know the location of critical items for your business, whether you are tracking products in stores, medicines in hospitals, or goods entering and leaving the warehouse. Customized for your environment, application, and conditions, RFID solutions are designed to increase your efficiency.

Complete RFID lines for transport & logistics, production, medical, retail & hospitality, or field mobility:

  • Portable RFID readers and RFID compliant scanners
  • Fixed RFID readers and infrastructure
  • RFID antenna
  • RFID printer
  • RFID tags and consumables
  • RFID software

Fixed-Mounted Barcode Readers

Cognex DataMan Fixed Point Bar Code Readers offer unmatched 1D and 2D code reading performance. Advanced technology, processing power, modularity, and ease of use make DataMan barcode readers the ideal solution for challenging production and logistics applications.