Consumables and spare parts

Consumabile si piese de schimb

Sfori, clipsuri, cerneluri / aditivi, etichete / riboane, folie stretch automata sau manuala, folie termocontractibila tip shrink, banda PP, PET, adeziva, MSDS, carduri de plastic, cutite si piese de uzura pentru masini de ambalat

Consumables and spare parts

Loops, clips, inks / additives, labels / ribbons, automatic or manual stretch film, shrink film, PP, PET strap, plastic cards, knives and wear parts for packaging machines and more.

Inks / Additives

  • Benefits:
  • For the most difficult production environments
  • They adhere perfectly to all surfaces (black, white, PE, PP, PVC, PA and PUR plastics)
  • Limits the risk of print migration
  • Specially designed for food, they meet the requirements of NSDA, FDA, EEC
  • Specially designed for applications requiring high contrast marking
  • Thermochromatic, they change their color when temperature changes
  • Water resistant for returnable bottles, resistant to fading for applications requiring a vulcanization process

Cerneluri / Aditivi


  • Pentru cele mai dificile medii de productie
  • Adera perfect pe toate suprafetele (negru, alb, color PE, PP, PVC, PA si PUR plastice)
  • Limiteaza riscul migratiei printului
  • Special concepute pentru alimente, respecta cerintele NSDA, FDA, EEC
  • Special concepute pentru aplicatii care necesita o marcare in contrast puternic
  • Termocromatice, isi schimba culoarea la modificarea temperaturii
  • Rezistente la apa pentru sticle returnabile, rezistente la decolorare pentru aplicatii care necesita un proces de vulcanizare

Labels / Ribbons


  • More than 100 models of labels and tags made of paper or synthetic material, for direct or thermal transfer printing
  • They can be treated with a thin layer that resists to high temperatures and the surface layer resists to increased humidity, being ideal for industrial environments
  • Applications on shelves, directly on the product, in retail or storage, for material management etc
  • Offers great results when printing barcodes, logos or text information
  • They allow printing of information on paper (ribbons with wax), on paper or synthetic materials and resistant to chemicals (ribbons with wax and resin), or on plastic material for use in difficult industrial environments (ribbons with resin)

Automatic or manual stretch film


  • Extremely elastic films with improved elongation, tear and resistance to perforation
  • Used in industry field for packaging needs in semiautomatic or automatic mode
  • Reduce energy costs considerably
  • Protects the product from shocks, direct impact, losses during transportation
  • They can be used to bind and stiffen the pallets

Folie stretch automata sau manuala

Folie stretch:

  • Automata sau manuala
  • Filme  extrem de elastice cu caracteristici imbunatatite de alungire, rupere si perforare
  • Utilizate in industrie pentru necesitatile de ambalare in regim semiautomat sau automat
  • Reduc considerabil costurile energetice
  • Protejeaza impotriva loviturilor, a impactului direct, a pierderilor la transportare
  • Se pot utiliza pentru legarea si rigidizarea paletilor

Shrink film


  • The shrink film is a polymeric plastic packaging material of various clarities, thicknesses and sizes that, when applied to the packaging surface, takes its form (it contracts)
  • This type of film can be used to package different products and it is usually applied using automatic film application and shrinking equipment, for large materials. There are also used special dryers for heating
  • It provides the advantage of economy by reducing the amount of material used between 20% -50% compared to traditional monolayer shrink films and over 50% compared to conventional cardboard packaging
  • Minimizes damage during transport due to robustness and resistance to perforation
  • Provides excellent reliability on high-speed packaging lines

PP, PET strap


  • Wide range of applicability, binds or seals products
  • Increased resistance due to increased elasticity, has an increased elongation coefficient
  • Regardless of the size of the products, they are linked manually or automatically, depending on the chosen system, either by using metal staples or by thermal welding
  • Protects the product and gives it increased safety during transport
  • Successfully applicability in applications where both strength and flexibility are required
  • Elastic, anti-corrosive, resistant, recyclable and extremely affordable
  • They are used to fasten and bond concrete blocks, bricks, aluminum and metal ingots

Banda PP, PET


  • Spectru larg de aplicabilitate, leaga sau sigileaza produsele, asigurand astfel transportul in conditii bune
  • Rezistenta crescuta datorita elasticitatii marite, are un coeficient de elongatie marit
  • Indiferent de dimensiunile produselor, acestea sunt legate  manual sau automat, in functie de sistemul ales, fie prin folosirea capselor metalice, fie prin termosudura
  • Protejeaza produsul conferindu-i o siguranta sporita in timpul transportului
  • Aplicabilitatea cu succes  unde sunt necesare atat rezistenta cat si flexibilitatea
  • Elastice, anti-corozive, rezistente, reciclabile si extrem de accesibile
  • Se folosesc la  fixarea si legarea blocurilor de beton, a caramizilor, a aluminiului si a lingourilor metalice

Adhesive tape


  • Used in product packaging
  • Organic products and various colors
  • The adhesive tape can be customized
  • High performance
  • It does not require additional safety measures

Plastic cards


  • Ideal for multiple applications such as: payment cards, gift cards, access cards, badges etc
  • PVC cards are used to print barcodes or other information, color or monochrome
  • Allow lamination, applying security options, such as holograms, magnetic strips, RFID chips, or custom design
  • Applications with intense color messages, detailed images or readable barcodes
  • Are used in transport, retail, health, education, HoReCa, various institutions

Carduri plastic

Beneficiile cardurilor de plastic:

  • Cardurile din PVC   atunci cand se tiparesc coduri de bare sau alte informatii
  • Permit laminarea, aplicarea optiunilor de securitate, precum holograme, benzi magnetice, cipuri RFID sau personalizare a designului
  • Pot fi imprimate color sau monocrom
  • Aplicatii cu mesaje in culori intense, imagini detaliate sau coduri de bare  lizibile
  • Se folosesc in transport, retail, sanatate, educatie, horeca, diferite institutii

Wear parts for packaging machines


  • Knives and parts for packaging machines with applicability in many FMCG sectors
  • Produced of materials that guarantee they maintain both their shape and their properties
  • Reduced annual wear and low purchase costs
  • Rare replacement of the knife leads to cost savings
  • Improving cutting edge and cutting quality
  • High performance in operation



  • Wide range of loops designed to meet any kind of requirement in applications in the food industry
  • Wide range of standard or custom colors (on request)
  • Produced from different materials such as sisal, cotton or polypropylene
  • Loops for any type of automatic inserters with 2 or 3 strands, high resistance (up to 20 kg)
  • Simple not or the heavy duty double not, hand-made in different lengths and colors



  • Gama larga de sfori (bucle), create pentru a intruni orice gen de cerinta sau aplicatie in industria alimentara
  • Gama foarte variata de culori standard sau personalizate (la cerere)
  • Produse din diferite materiale, precum sisal, bumbac sau polipropilena
  • Sfori pentru orice tip de insertere automate, cu 2 sau 3 suvite, rezistenta ridicata (pana la 20 kg)
  • Sfori cu nod simplu sau de rezistenta, manuale in diferite lungimi si culori


Clips for closing / sealing natural or artificial casings, bags or nets for any type of food / non-food product.

Clips range:

  • Aluminum band for clipping (where optional data can be marked: expiration data etc)
  • Plastic band for clipping with metal reinforcement (where optional data can be marked: expiration data etc)
  • Wire bands for sealing packaging by twisting
  • Clips in sets, in reels, continuous or in rolls

Cardboard packaging: boxes, rollers, pallets, separators, corners, tubes

  • Both custom and blank variants can be provided
  • Cardboard structure: CO2, CO3, CO5, CO7, with various thicknesses and qualities
  • For all packaging needs
  • We also offer customized solutions, as per your necessities

Cardboard packaging: boxes, rollers, pallets, separators, corners, tubes

  • Both custom and blank variants can be provided
  • Cardboard structure: CO2, CO3, CO5, CO7, with various thicknesses and qualities
  • For all packaging needs
  • We also offer customized solutions, as per your necessities

Industrial seals


  • Prevent manipulation
  • Ensures security, eliminates and stops fraud
  • Allow customization or attachment of RFID tags
  • Made in metal, or in plastic, are suitable for all industrial domains with security requirements
  • Used in auto transportation, rail or maritime transportation, food, automotive, post, courier, retail etc

Industrial adhesives


  • Industrial adhesives are innovative products that are defined by quality and safety and which permanently have improved quality standards
  • Are able to guarantee the best efficiency in assembly and repairs in all industrial areas
  • Are specially designed for strong and durable bonding on various types of materials, such as: wood, plastics, glass, metal, ceramics, displays, paper, leather, synthetic fibers, electrical components, etc.
  • Types: Water based, animal fat based, starch based, polyurethane, Hot Melt polymer based, EVA, SIS, SBS and Hot Melt polyamide
  • It is used for gluing labels on containers, for gluing cardboard packages, tetra-packs, paper bags or self-adhesive labels, for gluing covers in the case of agendas, books, for gluing cigarettes or for assembling appliances.

Protection solutions with air cushions and air mattresses

Benefits of protection solutions with air cushions and air mattresses

  • Air cushion and air mattresses forming systems that protect the product
  • Reduced costs of transportation and storage of packaging materials
  • Fast, silent, lightweight, compact and economical systems
  • Increase production / packaging flow, reduce transportation costs, delivered with environmental friendly, flexible, robust HDPE film
  • The insertion of the foil in the equipment is extremely easy
  • It does not influence the total weight of the patch and reduce the space required for storage

Solutii de protectie cu perne si saltele de aer


  • Sistem de formare de perne si saltele de aer ce protejeaza transportul
  • Costuri reduse aferente transportului si stocarii materialelor de ambalat
  • Sistem rapid,  silentios, usor, compact si economic
  • Creste fluxul de productie/ambalare, scade inventarul din depozit si costurile de transport, se luvreaza cu film HDPE prietenos cu mediul, flexibil si robust
  • Introducerea foliei in echipamentul de umflat este extrem de usoara
  • Nu influenteaza greutatea totala a pechetului si reduce spatiul necesar depozitarii

Industrial mats

Benefits of industrial mats:

  • They are recommended for heavy working conditions in the industrial environment
  • Surface with anti-fatigue effects, relieve pressure on the legs, stimulate lower back blood circulation, leg joints and muscle groups
  • They have anti-slip properties and protect equipment
  • Specially designed to absorb static electricity and avoid electrostatic discharge
  • Provides insulation against cold, heat, vibration and noise
  • Modular systems, which can be easily assembled in different shapes, using linking pieces

Industrial markers


  • The liquid or solid paint markers are designed and tested to handle the toughest industrial environments
  • Produced of impact resistant materials
  • The paint used to produce them does not contain xylene and dries quickly
  • The bright and opaque colors are suitable for general marking applications
  • They have low content of chlorides, halogens, metals with low melting points or sulfur

Markere industriale

Beneficiile markerelor industriale:

  • Markerele cu vopsea lichida sau solida sunt create si testate pentru a face fata celor mai dificile medii industriale
  • Produse din materiale rezistente la impact
  • Vopseaua folosita la producerea acestora nu contine xylena si se usuca rapid
  • Culorile vii si opace sunt potrivite pentru realizarea de aplicatii de marcare generale
  • Au continut scazut de cloruri, halogeni, metale cu puncte de topire mici sau sulf

Foils, bags, covers

  • From PE or PP, they can be supplied in rolls, pre-cut or cut
  • In the standard version, as well as with special properties: anticorrosive, electrostatic, UV protection, etc.
  • Created to cover applications such as protection, contractility

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