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Brand Protection Solutions

The market of counterfeits and the gray market is constantly growing. It is estimated that the global value of counterfeiting and piracy will reach almost 3 trillion dollars by 2022. The economic impact is alarming and this is not the only threat. When fake products enter the market, consumer safety is put at risk, and people lose trust in the brands that have made major efforts over time to earn it.

By implementing a well-designed traceability system, organizations can prevent damage to the company’s image and access multiple other benefits: combating counterfeiting; operational efficiency by optimizing production processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste of resources; if a product quality problem occurs, the product manufacturer can promptly take effective measures, quickly identifying the batch with problems.


protectia brandului

It helps brands comply with regulations and legal requirements, now and in the future

It gives brands the insight they need to quickly identify/stop counterfeiting and diversion

It connects brands with their consumers, using unique, authenticated products

We provide you with a dedicated software team for industrial traceability and serialization applications.

Serialization and Aggregation

Serialization involves adding a unique identifier to each product at the individual package level.

An aggregation solution adds codes to the outside of boxes and pallets that allow the identification of products with individual packaging inside. In other words, aggregation builds parent-child relationships from the pallet or box to the packaging of individual products. You can thus find out what is inside a box or pallet by scanning the code from the outside, meaning you do not have to open the pallet or box to obtain the serial number of each individual product package.

Applications for: food & beverages, tobacco, nutrients & food supplements, cosmetics, perfumes, wine/spirits, etc.

We implement and offer customized solutions for clients from different industries.


Whether we are talking about traceability in the production or distribution chain or internal traceability (within a company or factory), its importance has increased in recent years, due to the need to improve product quality and due to the increase in safety awareness of the products. In addition, if a product quality problem is identified, quick and effective measures can be taken.

As a general concept, traceability implies:

  • marking and labeling of raw materials, components and products, boxes and pallets using specific technologies
    reading labels using different reader technologies
  • software: information collection, aggregation, reporting

We provide turnkey solutions for traceability customized to your business.

Track&trace (traceability) in pharma industry

The serialisation solutions from WIPOTEC-OCS provide up to four key functions for the serialisation of drugs in a compact area:
• Serialisation: Generating, applying and verifying serial numbers and codes.
• Applying country-specific vignettes and labels provides maximum flexibility when printing
• Completeness check using weight acquisition
• Tamper-evident: Tamper-proof sealing of individual packages

✅ All key functions for the serialisation of drugs in a compact area
✅ Fastest possible commissioning of the Track & Trace systems within six weeks
✅ Smooth integration in existing production lines thanks to open interfaces
✅ Lifetime software updates and maintenance free of charge
✅ Best advice thanks to our networking with decision-makers and experts on the international serialisation guidelines
✅ Whole system comes from a single source which we develop and produce on site

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Product Authentication

If you knew that there was a solution against counterfeiting and authentication of your products that does not require any modification of the codes or packaging you have, wouldn’t you want to try it? With UniSecure(TM), you don’t have to change anything to change everything about how your brand is protected. UniSecure from Systech by Markem Imaje is a revolutionary anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solution that works with barcodes and existing packaging.

UniSecure from Systech:

  • it uses a simple smartphone application which facilitates checking anytime and anywhere
  • through the mobile application, you can restrict access to a strictly controlled set of supply chain partners or inspectors
  • you can even give the app to end customers the power to verify product authenticity themselves.

Applications: cosmetics, food supplements, electronics, beverages, luxury goods (perfumes, bags, clothes, etc.), medical devices, agrochemical products

Other Brand Protection Solutions

RFID, holograms, security tags, tamper evident tags