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Complete and customized solutions, solutions that make production processes more efficient, that’s why we continue to improve the performance of sales, design, and service processes and bring new technologies and solutions.

Our mechanical design and software departments can integrate the equipment in any production line, from a manual solution to a semi-automatic or automatic one, depending on the needs of the application and the desired productivity.

We cover the whole country and we are present on the market in the Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.


We offer a simple, personalized, and comprehensive range of services to help customers increase reliability, efficiency, and profitability.

We maximize:
Availability – by eliminating possible technical, incidental, or major equipment failures
Performance – optimizing equipment performance
Use – increasing the safety of equipment
Production quality – maintaining the technological performance of the equipment
Reliability – increasing the service life in good conditions of the equipment

We reduce to a minimum:
TCO (total cost of ownership) – cost management throughout the life cycle
Downtime – prevent unplanned downtime


We have over 15 years of experience in automation solutions, a dedicated team with extensive experience in various applications and industries. The success of a project is determined by the solid starting point, the right information for the right application that your business needs to evolve and perform.

integrare solutii design proiectareDESIGN, EXECUTION & INTEGRATION

Our mechanical and software design departments can design, execute and integrate equipment in any production line, making the transition from a manual to a semi-automatic or automatic solution depending on the needs of the applications and the desired productivity.
Project management: planning, organizing, and managing tasks and resources (human or material) for the execution of projects, respecting the time, resources, and agreed costs.

Execution of samples and demonstrations
Benefit right now from the advantages of this service at no cost. Send a product sample with the specifications required for marking or production specifications, and we will do marking tests or product demonstrations for you!
This service includes tests or demonstrations taking into account both your needs and production conditions. Our specialists will offer you optimal technology advice for your application.

optiuni finantareFINANCING OPTIONS                                                     

Because we want to offer you more than a range of equipment and we want to be your partner, we offer solutions for financing the projects you have.
Medium and long-term leases, with simple and fast financing through the German Grenke group.

FAST: you don’t have to wait long before you can use the new equipment to improve your business.
PERSONALIZED OFFER: We offer and negotiate financing conditions according to your needs and availability.
EASY PLANNING: The range of equipment we cover is very wide so your activity can also benefit from the advantages of automation in many of the phases of the technological process.

suport tehnicTECHNICAL SUPPORT                                                        

We provide advice and specialized technical assistance throughout the entire operational chain:

• Assembling the equipment
• Installation (calibration, network settings, security, integration, etc.)
• We provide our customers with user manuals for the purchase of any type of equipment in our portfolio
• User training (detailed presentation of the equipment, operation, maintenance operations, solutions for common incidents, etc.)
• Software solutions in optimal technical parameters

Pre-installation technical support
Our specialists will provide you with the necessary technical support to integrate the various equipment, systems, machines, or integrated solutions on your production lines. Depending on the complexity of your application, our technical experts can help you by developing technical specifications, evaluating existing installation problems, and can even provide you with customized software solutions and hardware solutions, if needed.

Operator training
We provide technical training programs for the technical staff of the clients, in order to be sure that you benefit from the use of the equipment at full capacity and in conditions of maximum efficiency and safety.

Technical assistance and interventions
In order to respond to your immediate needs, we provide you with a permanent technical help desk (helpdesk@imarke.ro) in order to be able to offer you the necessary advice and information. You will receive help in fixing some setting errors or malfunctions, in programming the equipment, or we will ensure a fast supply of spare parts if needed.

Service & maintenance contract
We offer complete technical assistance and maintenance services, based on prompt answers and complete maintenance options, with the aim of maximizing the operation time of the equipment and the annual anticipation of maintenance costs.

Extended warranties
We provide a one-year warranty for the equipment purchased. The guarantee can be provided either by our partners, through us, or exclusively by us.

inchireiere echipamenteEQUIPMENT RENTAL             

We offer to rent various equipment (marking, labeling, etc.) for short periods (minimum 3 months) or long periods of time.


The contract for the supply of consumables will be concluded according to your consumption needs, for a determined period, ensuring the delivery of consumables to your headquarters (inks, additives, ribbons, labels, etc.), at a certain date or with a certain periodicity. By concluding such a contract, you can avoid any additional costs caused by an increase in consumable prices. Also, the delivery contract can be modified, extended, or terminated upon request, depending on the evolution of your needs and our possibilities.

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