Alimentary Industry

The food industry comprises a variety of industries focused on food products, finished or semi-manufactured, such as sugar products, oils, dairy products, meat products, bakery products, fruits and vegetables.

To avoid the inadvertent problems encountered in the production process, as well as in the distribution, problems such as non-conforming packaging, food contamination, or weight that does not correspond to the indications on the packaging, the quality, methods and manufacturing technologies are the priority. The quality of the food and the efficiency of the manufacturing process depend on the raw materials used either in production or after the production process.

The systems dedicated to the food industry are automated or semi-automatic. They mark, weigh, dose, inspect, package or carry, and last but not least, increase productivity and reduce costs.

The freezing process creates ice crystals and, as there is more water, the more ice crystals will be. These may harm the content of aliments such as: ice cream, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish or pre-cooked products.

Marking the packaging of frozen products requires more attention. Batch number, ingredients, logos, barcodes or 2D codes must be marked with high quality solutions for demanding environments and according to specific requirements.

The use of marking, weighing, dosing, inspecting, packaging, transport and our software solutions minimizes operators’ risk of error and ensures the flexibility and efficiency required in the frozen food market.

The dairy industry includes aliments such as: butter, cheese, sour cream, milk or yogurt. It is one of the priority sectors, because of its importance in alimentation. Dairy processing involves the heat treatment of milk, auxiliary products and finished milk products. That is why the dairy industry is making great progress.

Solutions dedicated to this industry are robust and in line with industry-specific requirements.

Fruits have nutritional values, taste qualities and a different degrees of assimilation by the human body. They are recommended both fresh and preserved. These aliments are important sources of carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts, which are beneficial to the body.

The vitamin content of vegetables and fruits is influenced, during storage, by oxygen, temperature etc. For this reason, packing processes (whether we are talking about paper, cardboard, laminated paper, plastic film), weighing or dosing play an extremely important role.

The bakery and pastry industry provides the human body with a significant amount of essential nutrients for vital activity, maintaining health and preserving work capacity. Thus, it occupies an important place in the production of alimentary goods.

There are many solutions applicable to the bakery industry, such as complete marking and labeling solutions, weighing and inspection solutions, packaging solutions, or automated transportation systems.

The diversity in the confectionery industry requires efficient and flexible production systems, where multiple steps need to be carried out by a single piece of equipment, or small and medium sized batches can be produced as economically as possible.

Modular packaging, dosing, weighing, or filling solutions, specially designed with various options for different applications, to achieve higher performance levels and to ease operation.

Customized solutions that can help you gain advantages in the market by increasing production efficiency and performance, reducing manual work and handling and obtaining a bigger profit to the investment. Special food applications such as snacks, salads, fish etc.

Complete solutions and a single supplier – product inspection provides food safety and quality control, handling pallets and boxes, loading and labeling pallets maximize efficiency and ensure optimum product flow.

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industria bauturilor

Beverages Industry

The beverages industry is one of the most important industries in which each manufacturer wants to make more effective its production process, to reduce costs and, in the same time, to obtain quality products in order to fully meet the market’s demands.

Marking, labeling and identification; primary packaging in glass, PET or metal containers, paper, polypropylene and polyethylene bags; secondary packaging in cardboard boxes, metal containers; packaging at the end of the line with automatic wrapping equipment, stretch hood, stretch or shrink film; product quality inspection; transportation, handling and management of goods throughout the logistics circuit; product securing with automatic strapping equipment using metal, PET and PP strap; are some of Imark Sistem solutions.

industria tutunului

Tobacco Industry

In the tobacco industry, packaging is the method through which is ensured, using packaging, the temporary protection of the product during handling, transport, storage, sale, contributing to their facilitation, until consumption or expiration of the warranty period.

Transportation, handling, storage processes occur within the economic circuit which follows the production of the goods, on their way to the beneficiary or the consumer. During this circuit, there can occur a number of problems regarding the maintaining of product quality. Thus, marking, labeling, packaging, handling and transport solutions offer reliability, high quality and performance.

Industria Bauturilor

industria bauturilor

Industria bauturilor

Industria bauturilor este una din cele mai importante industrii, in care fiecare producator doreste sa isi eficientizeze procesul de productie, sa reduca cheltuielile, dar sa obtina produse calitative pentru a satisface in intregime solicitarile pietei.

Marcarea, etichetarea si identificarea; ambalarea primara in recipienti din sticla, PET si metal, saci din hartie, polipropilena si polietilena, ambalarea secundara in cutii din carton, folii baxare, recipienti metalici prin utlizarea robotilor sau echipamentelor de paletizare, ambalarea la finalul de linie cu echipamente automate de infoliere, stretch hood,  folie stretch sau de termo-contractie; inspectia de calitate a produselor; transportul, manipulare si gestionarea  bunurilor pe circuitul logistic; securizare cu echipmente automate de legare cu banda metalica, PET si PP;  sunt cateva din solutiile Imark Sistem

Industria tutunului

industria tutunului

Industria tutunului

In industria tutunului operatia de ambalare este un procedeu sau o metoda prin care se asigura, cu ajutorul ambalajului, protectia temporara a produsului in timpul manipularii, transportului, depozitarii, vanzarii, contribuind la inlesnirea acestora, pana la consumare sau pana la expirarea termenului de garantie.

Functia de transport, manipulare – depozitare – se manifesta in cadrul circuitului economic ce urmeaza producerii marfii, in drumul ei catre beneficiar sau consumator. Pe acest circuit apar o serie de probleme legate de mentinerea calitatii produsului. Din acest punct de vedere, cerintele ambalajului sunt adaptarea ambalajului la normele si mijloacele de transport;optimizarea raportului volum / masa (greutate); de exemplu, ambalajele cu volum standard beneficiaza de un pret mai avantajos fata de ambalajele cu volume nestandardizate sau agabaritice (foarte mari), respectiv ambalajele cu mase proprii mai mici beneficiaza de taxe de transport mai mici; posibilitatea adaptarii dimensiunilor ambalajelor la mijloacele de transport (ambalaje pliabile, sau cu volume variabile).

Industria Retail

Retail Industry

In this industry, goods travel at an incredible speed, millions of products, from thousands of categories, are bought from countless locations, each one located hundreds of kilometers from another. The alert rhythm of consumption needs to be sustained by the rhythm of supply and asset management. The retail industry has to adapt to the newest challenges generated by an ever-changing market: changes in consumers’ habits, new products and services etc.

Imark Sistem’s solutions enable workflow optimization across all retail segments, are a functional mechanism behind the shelf, both for food and non-food products, ensure product sustainability etc. Software solutions for retail field deliver information in real-time, helping you take important decisions faster, and automation saves valuable time.

Other specialized equipment for the retail area, starting with thermal printers, mobile terminals, scanners and others, solutions dedicated to the whole process up to support and post-implementation services.


Transport and Logistics

In the field of transport and logistics, which are in continuous movement and development, it is not just about quality, but also about promptness. So, we respond positively to the major challenges in this area, through individual solutions and consulting, helping you identify and consolidate strengths to successfully manage the new challenges in the market.

Imark Sistem’s solutions for transport and logistics simplify processes, are easy to implement and permit removing the inefficient work times. Imark Sistem’s solutions help improve service and increase company profitability, while providing optimal modalities and added value.

Industria Retail

Industria Retail

Industria de retail

In aceasta industrie bunurile circula cu o viteza incredibila, milioane de produse din mii de categorii sunt cumparate din nenumarate locatii, fiecare la sute de kilometrii distanta unele de altele. Ritmul alert de consum trebuie sustinut de ritmul de aprovizionare si de gestionare a bunurilor. Industria de retail trebuie sa se adapteze si celor mai noi provocari generate de o piata mereu in schimbare: modificarea obiceiurilor de consum, produse si servicii noi, etc.

Solutiile Imark Sistem permit sa optimizati fluxurile de lucru pe toate segmentele specifice din retail, sunt un mecanism functional in spatele raftului atat pentru produse alimentare cat si non-alimentare, asigurara sustenabilitatea produselor, etc. Solutiile software pentru retail aduc informatii in timp real, ajutandu-va sa luati deciziile importante mai repede, iar automatizarea economiseste timp valoros.

Alte echipamente specializate destinate zonei de retail incepând cu imprimantele termice, terminalele mobile, scannere si altele, solutii  dedicate intregului proces pana la suport si servicii post-implementare.

Industria Transportului si Logistica


Transport si logistica

In domeniul transporturilor si logisticii, ce sunt intr-o continua miscare si dezvoltare, nu este vorba doar de calitate ci si de  promptitudine, astfel raspundem pozitiv si celor mai majore provocari din aceasta zona, prin solutii individuale si consultanta, va ajutam sa identificati si sa consolidati punctele forte pentru a putea gestiona cu succes noile provocari din piata.

Solutiile Imark Sitem destinate transporturilor si logisticii, simplifica procesele,  sunt usor implementat si permit eliminarea in primul rand a timpiilor ineficienti din activitate. Solutiile Imark Sitem ajuta la imbunatatirea serviciilor si cresterea profitabilitatii companiei, oferind in acelasi timp modalitati optime si valoare adaugata.

industrai farmaceutica

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Solutions that meet severe requirements in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Coding solutions, batch numbers, logos, bar codes and 2D codes on many types of packaging (flexible, of rigid plastic, paper or glass). Water and alcohol-resistant markings, resistant onto PE packaging, without any prior treatment, non-migrating markings, markings realized directly on tablets at high speed.

High performance inspection solutions, that offer superior capability of detecting magnetic or non-magnetic contaminants, a very high transfer rate and an extremely high adaptability for any product that has to be inspected.

Industria de electrice si electronice

Electric and Electronic Products Industry

High-quality marking and labeling solutions, alcohol and high temperature resistant, for electrical and electronic components, bulbs, tubes, CDs and DVDs, telephone cards etc. Logos and other messages can be printed on various substrates of plastic, ceramic, metal, laminated materials or circuit boards.

Automatic Data Capture solutions that offer a complete line of dedicated barcode readers.

Solutions that ensure product quality control to the smallest detail that is so necessary in this industry.

Industria Farmaceutic si Medical

industrai farmaceutica

Farmaceutic si medical

Abilitatea de a printa o mare cantitate de informatie pe o suprafata mica, gratie flexibilitatii capului bi-jet, codurile ECC 200 Datamatrix conform standardelor EAN-UCC(GS1) Contrastul si calitatea rezolutiei fac fata fara probleme cititoarelor conventionale 2D. Pana la 8 linii de text cu un cap de printare, cu fonturi speciale rotunjite. Compatibil cu toate materialele cu suprafata neteda si culoare deschisa.

Industria Electrice si Electronice

Industria de electrice si electronice

Electrice si electronice

In Industria de electrice si electronice cerintele sunt foarte stricte,  curatenia liniei de productie este importanta, chiar esentiala in domeniul electronicelor,  miniaturizarea componentelor electronice necesita marcari extrem de mici, masuratori dificile si complexe  si multe altele

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