Imark Sistem
Solutii profesionale si peste 15 ani de dezvoltare durabila in Romania

Ne ducem la indeplinire misiunea, parcurgand pas cu pas in directia pe care ne-am propus-o

Suntem orientati catre clientii si partenerii nostri prin oferirea unor produse si servicii care sa le imbunatateasca procesele de productie si astfel, intreaga activitate. Ne tratam cu respect angajatii, parenerii de afaceri si clientii.

Oferim solutii si tehnologii sigure, de inalta calitate si ramanem preocupati in permanenta la nevoile si dorintele partenerilor si clientiolor nostri. Credem ca consecventa cu care ne urmarim obiectivele, inspiratia de care speram sa dam dovada in alegerile facute si curajul care ne caracterizeaza – sunt elementele necesare unui bun parteneriat.

Imark Sistem va ofera solutii de marcare si etichere, solutii de ambalare, solutii de transport, solutii de cantarire statica si dinamica, solutii de inspectie si detectie, software si multe alte solutii flexibile, eficiente si de calitate care sa se potriveasca nevoilor clientilor. Pentru aceasta va pune la dispozitie o echipa de oameni talentati si motivati, pregatiti sa va asiste.

Convingerea noastra este ca succesul si performanta se realizeaza nu doar prin imbunatatirea permanenta a nivelului calitativ al solutiilor, produselor si serviciilor ci, mai ales, prin construirea unor relatii si parteneriate de lunga durata, consolidate prin respectarea termenelor si prin costuri optime.

Va suntem aproape prin cresterea eficientei si performantei de productie, reducerea resurselor umane si a manipularii si obtinerea unui profit mai mare, pentru a deveni cat mai competitivi.

Obiectivul nostru este sa este de a ne sprijini clientii si partenerii inca de la inceputul procesului de achizitie pana la livrarea echipamentului dar si dupa aceea.

Serviciile noastre cuprind:

  • Expertiza
  • Consultanta de specialitate
  • Proiectare, executie si integrare
  • Asistenta tehnica in cursul instalarii
  • Training operatori
  • Service si mentenanta
  • Proiectarea

Beneficiati de experienta si de solutiile de automatizare inovatoare pentru majoritatea industriilor.

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Imark Sistem - Professional solutions and over 11 years of sustainable development in Romania

We are fulfilling our mission, moving step by step in the direction we have set

We are focused on our customers and partners and we are offering them products and services that will improve their production processes and, thus, the entire activity. We treat with respect our employees, business partners and clients.

We offer secure, high-quality solutions and technologies and we remain permanently concerned with the needs and desires of our partners and customers. We believe that the perseverance with which we are pursuing our goals, the inspiration we hope to prove in the choices we make and the courage that characterizes us are the necessary elements for a good partnership.

Imark Sistem offers labeling solutions and ethics, packaging solutions, transport solutions, static and dynamic weighing solutions, inspection and detection solutions, software and many other flexible, efficient and quality solutions that fit your customers’ needs. For this you will have a team of talented and motivated people ready to assist you.

Imark Sistem offers marking and labeling solutions, packaging solutions, transport solutions, static and dynamic weighing solutions, metal inspection and detection solutions, software and many other flexible, efficient and quality solutions that fit our customers’ needs. For this, you have a team of talented and motivated people, ready to assist you.

Our conviction is that success and performance are achieved not only by the continuous improvement of the quality level of solutions, products and services, but also by building long-term relationships and partnerships that are strengthened by respecting deadlines and by optimizing costs.

We are close to you by increasing production efficiency and performance, reducing human resources and handling and getting more profit, to become more competitive.

Our goal is to support our customers and partners from the beginning of the procurement process to the delivery of the equipment and afterwards.

Our services include:

  • Expertise
  • Specialized advice
  • Design, execution and integration
  • Technical assistance during installation
  • Trainings for operators
  • Service and maintenance

Benefit of the experience and innovative automation solutions for most industries.

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Innovation allows many competitive advantages for companies, makes the difference between organizations, surprises customers, builds brands and improves results. Innovation is the main component of business actions.
Strengthening business relationships with organizations that are aware of their development needs, who have the attitude, skills and adequate techniques to changes and challenges.
Imark Sistem offers equipment for rental, for short or long periods of time.

Imark Sistem is registered ANPM in the Register of Manufacturers and Importers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RO-2013-09-EEE-0652-III); and in the Register of Manufacturers of Batteries and Accumulators (RO-2013-11-B & A-0584)

Find the automation solutions that fit your requirements:

Specialized Consultancy / Design, Execution and Integration / Technical Assistance during Installation / Operator Training / Service and Maintenance

We are here to support you

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