Other solutions

Other solutions

In a challenging and ever changing environment, innovation is the main component of business’ actions. Innovation allows many competitive advantages for companies, makes differentiation between organizations and improves results.

Barcode readers

Benefits of barcode readers:

  • Industrial traceability solutions
  • Increase productivity in retail, logistics and transport
  • Fast, compact and reliable
  • Long reading distance
  • Created specifically for reading long and truncated bar codes

Cititoare coduri de bare


  • Solutii industriale de trasabilitate
  • Cresc productivitatea in  retail, logistica si transporturi
  • Rapide, compacte si fiabile
  • Distanta mare de citire

Industrial mats

Benefits of industrial mats:

  • They are recommended for heavy working conditions in the industrial environment
  • Surface with anti-fatigue effects, relieve pressure on the legs, stimulate lower back blood circulation, leg joints and muscle groups
  • They have anti-slip properties and protect equipment
  • Specially designed to absorb static electricity and avoid electrostatic discharge
  • Provides insulation against cold, heat, vibration and noise
  • Modular systems, which can be easily assembled in different shapes, using linking pieces

Protection solutions with air cushions and air mattresses

Benefits of protection solutions with air cushions and air mattresses

  • Air cushion and air mattresses forming systems that protect the product
  • Reduced costs of transportation and storage of packaging materials
  • Fast, silent, lightweight, compact and economical systems
  • Increase production / packaging flow, reduce transportation costs, delivered with environmental friendly, flexible, robust HDPE film
  • The insertion of the foil in the equipment is extremely easy
  • It does not influence the total weight of the patch and reduce the space required for storage

Solutii de protectie cu perne si saltele de aer


  • Sistem de formare de perne si saltele de aer ce protejeaza transportul
  • Costuri reduse aferente transportului si stocarii materialelor de ambalat
  • Sistem rapid,  silentios, usor, compact si economic
  • Creste fluxul de productie/ambalare, scade inventarul din depozit si costurile de transport, se luvreaza cu film HDPE prietenos cu mediul, flexibil si robust
  • Introducerea foliei in echipamentul de umflat este extrem de usoara
  • Nu influenteaza greutatea totala a pechetului si reduce spatiul necesar depozitarii

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